Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Date Night

A miracle happened. For the first time since Aubrey was born (13 months ago), my husband and I went on a date. Up until this point we really haven't left her side, usually at least one of us is with her. She was even at our closing! We've left her with her grandparents a few times, one was on moving day for a few hours, another was when I had a few errands to run, and she is left with her grandma or great grandma when I work during the week but other than that... my husband and I really haven't left her side so this was long overdue.

My mom came over to babysit for us while we snuck out for a nice dinner date. We weren't sure where to go so we kind of winged it and just drove around until we found a place that appealed to us. I wasn't sure of what kind of a place we would end up at so deciding what to wear was tricky. I've been dying to wear this skirt so originally I was going to go with this outfit...
Skirt- Express
Top- Old Navy
Heels- Rampage
Necklace- Body Central
...but then I decided to go with something a little more casual so we had more flexibility in choosing a restaurant.
Jeans- J.Crew
Sweater- Old Navy
Necklace- Target

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Lipstick- NYX Thalia

In celebration of our night out my sweet husband surprised me and had flowers delivered to our house before we left. I'm a lucky girl, what can I say?

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  1. LOVE both of your outfits. That's so nice to get together and have a date night. I'm sure they will be rare from now on.


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