Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Shopping

We were threatened with the possibility of another snowstorm this weekend but luckily is missed us so in celebration I went shopping. Well... not really but it sounded good. When I was out and about this weekend I picked up a few things for spring and I can't wait to wear them when it warms up. Walking into J.Crew was like a breath of fresh spring air- all of the bright colors, all of the pretty mints, crisp whites... it seriously boosted my spirits even though I was bundled up wearing a pea coat, scarf, and boots.
All bundled up with temps in the 20's, I did what any sensible person would do- I tried on a bunch of shorts that I'd been eying online.
JCrew Striped Shirt -- JCrew Mint Top -- JCrew Striped Shorts -- Kohls Blush Top

Here I'll leave you with some lovely fitting room pics of my pasty white legs that need a tan and some toning all in the name of showing you these amazing shorts that I picked up. So please excuse the socks and mismatched outfits...
I love these shorts. The material is a thicker pleated cotton and they feel so rich. I think I need a yacht to wear these on. They are high waisted and the pleats totally did it for me. These can easily be dressed up or down so they're so versatile. 

I really wanted to love those seersucker shorts but when I put them on they just didn't  feel right...

...finally, the mint shorts. I originally thought I was going to walk out with just these but then I saw this mint top and I remembered all of the mint clothing that I've been accumulating and decided against them. 

I picked up these lobster lights at the Christmas Tree Shop for our little lobster.  In case you haven't ready our monthly milestones updates, Aubrey's nickname is Lobster. It's hard to find things with lobsters on them, usually you see crabs more often so when I saw these lights I was so excited. I had no idea where we were going to put them but I knew that they were coming home with us. Turns out, they found a home in her play room and fit perfectly around her alphabet canvas. She loves lights so she is thrilled with the new addition.

Have you started shopping for spring yet? 
How excited are you about the spring line at J.Crew?

Here are a few other things that I have sitting in my shopping cart:
Nautical Button Shorts -- Polka Dot Chambray -- Pink Stripe Top
Scalloped Shift Dress -- Scalloped Ballet Flats

*This post is not sponsored by J.Crew. I'm just really loving their spring line and decided to share my favorites with you along with my thoughts and opinions that are purely my own.

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  1. Cute shorts! J crew is my favorite stop for spring clothing, they do it so well!


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