Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Short and Sweet

Easter weekend was started off right with my birthday on Friday. My husband had to work late so Aubrey and I went to my parent's house for dinner and cake on Friday night. My mom made my favorite pistachio cake- which is a amazing and not that bad for you either! If you're interested you can find the recipe here.

My day didn't start out so great though. Aubrey was in a cranky, clingy mood for most of the day. I think she might be teething again. It's been so long since she cut a tooth, I almost forgot about the whole teething thing! She was much better once we were at the party though with everyone because she loves visiting. Such a social butterfly she is.

Ugh I'm having such a hard time looking at 30. I don't know exactly why but the thought of not being a twenty-something really isn't sitting well with me. Knowing that I have less than a year left of getting away with saying that I'm a twenty-something is no bueno.

pistachio cake via

Birthday flowers from my little brother. Such a sweetheart.

J. Crew lobster sweater. My mom surprised me with this sweater that she knows I've been watching (and waiting for it to go on sale). In case you missed my monthly updates for the first year of Aubrey's life, we call her Lobster sometimes. It's just a cute/funny nickname that stuck so we pretty much collect lobster memorabilia now. 

My husband was working in New Jersey for the day and he got home pretty late but he did manage to find this amazing bakery called Dolce Calabria that sells french macarons. Pistachio and almond macarons are my favorite so so stocked up. These are so amazingly delicious. I've had macarons from Laduree (from the original store in Paris) and I've also had them from Bouchon in NYC, among other places but I have to say these were the BEST! The filling is what really made it and I love that there were small chunks of the actual pistachio in the filling too.

Speaking of pistachio! I really don't know how this happened but we stopped for ice cream on Saturday on our way home from visiting my in-laws. My husband insisted on going to Mannings ice cream shop because President George Bush went there when he was in town. Well now I see what the hype is all about because this was some really good, fresh, creamy ice cream.

...and that right there is my pistachio filled weekend for ya.

Up next - Easter Sunday! I hope have that post up tomorrow.


  1. That cake and the ice cream both look so yummy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. They were... too good, actually! How is that sweet little bundle of joy of yours?!

  2. I felt the same way about turning 30... no longer being able to say t-t-t-twent-something was a hard one! So far I'm absolutely loving my 30's though - and for you - you don't look a day past 25 so you're rockin' it Lady!


  3. mmm - that ice cream looks so good! Happy Birthday beauty ;-)

    1. Thanks, Ella! It's my new favorite ice cream, that's for sure:)

  4. Most people are nervous about turning 30, but I gotta tell you that your 30s are a fabulous time! That's when you really grow into yourself, stop worrying about what other people think, and start to follow your true passions. Happy birthday--embrace it! :)


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