Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Incredible Egg

It finally went above 50 degrees here today and I cannot be more excited for the warmer weather. I was really starting to have my doubts because just yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground! It's been such a long, cold, snowy winter here and I am so done with it. I've been busy over here decorating for my favorite holiday and loving all of the brights and pastels around the house.
I picked up this Hello Kitty basket at Target for Aubrey's first egg hunt at a local park in a few weeks. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this to happen.

We've been having lots of fun with eggs around here too. Aubrey loves when I give her an egg filled with her snacks. She shakes it around because she loves the sound it makes and then she cracks it right open, spills them all over the floor and has a feast. Needless to say I clean my floors way more often than I should have to. 

Eggs also make great bath toys. She loves filling them with water and pouring them out. Oh by the way, we finally made the transition a few weeks ago out of the baby tub and into the big girl tub. I waited longer than I probably should have but I was nervous about it, I guess. She did great and she loves having all of that extra room to play around in. 

We had our first bubble experience last weekend. I bought them for her Easter basket but I couldn't wait until Easter to break them out. Who's the child here? It was too cold to go outside so opted for an indoor bubble party which was a little messy but SO worth it. She was mercerized by the bubbles and loved it. It's going to be a fun summer!
...and today we ventured outside to play- finally! We took out our beach toys and played a little game of pretend we're on a warm sunny beach somewhere.

I went shopping this past weekend for Aubrey's Easter basket so I plan on doing a post soon on what I picked up. I have to say it was much easier to find things this year than it was last year.

Are you ready for Easter? 


  1. can you please send some sunshine my way? We have had snow yesterday and today and I'm about ready to have myself committed. I'm so over snow!!

  2. It looks like you two are having so much fun :-)

  3. I love your Easter decor! I'm so excited for Easter too! We're going to an egg hunt this weekend and it's bringing back all the excitement I used to have as a kid :-)

  4. Your Easter decorations are so cute! I bet Aubrey will have so much fun at the egg hunt :)

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