Monday, May 5, 2014


This weekend was a weekend full of errands. It was non stop shopping which sounds like a lot of fun but in reality it wasn't so much fun because I needed to find a bunch of gifts for upcoming events and occasions with a toddler in tow. Figuring out what to gift someone is hard enough but then you throw and antsy little lady into the mix that wants to touch everything that is breakable, eat a few snacks out of her snack trap, spill it all over the floor, have a sip of water, throw the sippy cup, scream a little, laugh a little... and repeat, getting a gift soon turns into an episode of the Amazing Race (aka race to find what you need and move onto the next asap).

I did manage to get all of the items checked off of my to-do list though and we made it out alive. I even picked up a few things for myself including this lobster beach bag at TJ Maxx (which is enormous by the way) and a pair of metallic gold flip flops.

Aubrey got her first Olivia book and is obsessed with it. She has made me read it to her 2x in a row multiple times now. Pretty adorable who she is showing preferences to things now.

Then there's the tale of two benches... I really want a bench for our front entryway. I pictured a pretty table there when we saw the model home but for practicality purposes I think the bench is the way to go. I can't decide exactly what I want but I found two candidates:

This is the style that I pictured getting and while I love everything about it, I'm afraid this material against my BM Revere Pewter walls will be too drab. Maybe more of a creamy color would be better? 

Then there's the natural wood look... I surprised myself with this one because I tend to like darker wood but I really liked this style and I actually like the wood grain.

What do you think?  
We took on a huge project- a little landscaping is in the works. We finally planted some grass. Our excavator left us with quite the mess but that's a whole story in itself. We had to get rid of a lot of rocks and prep the ground before we could plant so this project is going to take us forever probably.

Aubrey is really adjusting to country life. haha She sat on these hay bales for at least 20 minutes playing with the hay, pulling it out, and handing me individual pieces of it. She was fascinated to say the least. This was a real test to her allergies and she passed with flying colors- no sneezes or sniffles at all.

I finally planted some flowers in the ground too! I have 4 peony plants and a hydrengea in the ground that I am hoping survive the crazy cold nights that we are still having here. I don't have a green thumb at all and I'm not a huge fan of gardening either so *fingers crossed* that all is well because I can't wait to make some cuttings and bring those beauties inside.

Have you started "spring cleaning" outside?


  1. I love the gray bench! It's so pretty and you can punch it up with some bright printed pillows!

  2. I love the gray bench, it's classic but chic. Have you thought about a console table with a bench to ground it underneath? That sometimes looks really good :)

    Amelia @ xxx

  3. How is the landscaping going?? I can't wait to buy a home and have projects like these (although I'll probably be cursing them when we are actually going through with them, ha!)
    I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! Can't wait to read about your weekend!


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