Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Weekend

On Saturday....
We visited the Mill Market to pickup some fresh produce locally made dairy products. It's our new grocery hot spot because everything they sell is fresh, organic, and locally grown/made.

We stopped for ice cream by the lake. Aubrey and I shared this Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie ice creme. It was SO delicious!

Then we stopped by the lake to dip our feet in and see what Aubrey thought of it. 

...turns out she loved it and we couldn't get her out of the water! She was soaked by the time we left so we had to strip her down to a diaper and head home after that. We're going to make a day of it next weekend though and take her to the beach area of the lake. She is going to love it and I can't wait for next weekend already.

We stopped at a local winery along the way too where we picked up so wine to cook with. 

Some of the butter, cheeses, bread, and arugula pesto we picked up. We also found PB2! I'm so excited to try it out because I've read such great things about it. It has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter and its in a powder form so it's really easy to add to a shake.

I bought some fresh mozzarella to have with our first ripe tomato from our little garden.

Sunday was a lazy day. Aubrey kept us up all night on Saturday. She's going through some major separation anxiety when it comes to nap time and bedtime. She woke up at 2 am, I was able to get her back to sleep pretty quickly but then she was back up at 4 am! I finally gave in at that point and brought her into our bed because I was so exhausted. She was restless for a little bit and then finally settled down until about 6:30- then she was up for the day.

It's been so rough getting her to sleep. I hate letting her cry and I really thought we were finally past the sleep training thing so this really sucks. Sometimes I end up laying next to her crib on the floor just to get her to calm down, lay down, and relax.

Have any of you experienced this during the toddler years? 

Passed out watching Frozen for the 989th time way before her normal nap time. 

After her impromptu nap was over we hit the road and headed to my in-law's for a birthday party. Aubrey had a ton of fun playing with her cousin so she slept well Sunday night, thankfully! 

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  1. Lovely weekend.


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