Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recent Shopping

Get ready...
for the most exciting purchases of my haul- momma and mini sunglasses!
Momma's - Oscar de la Renta
Mini- Baby Gap

My husband never shops for clothes. Apparently, I took on that job a few years ago which I don't mind. I actually kind of like shopping for guys clothes and he loved everything I picked out so that was a bonus! Old Navy is killing it in the men's department. They've been killing it in the women's department for a long time in my book but this last trip I didn't find anything for myself.

I walked out of there with a full bag of clothes, so heavy that the bag started ripping (probably from the khakis shorts) for a little over $100. Not too bad, at all.

I popped into Charlotte Russe just to see what they had what all the young ones are wearing out these days. I realized while browsing their racks that I have really grown up. A lot. I couldn't even concentrate on the styles because I couldn't get past the extremely cheap looking polyester that exploded all over that store. I wore that stuff and I loved that store and their sky high heels and platforms and there I was totally appalled at the fabric. Wow. Times have changed.

This next haul is from about a month ago because I've been that good at updating this blog.
As I was saying, times have changed and now my default store is J. Crew. So here we go...
Let me just start off by saying that I have yet to find a maxi dress that fits me because I'm 5'2'' so when I saw these maxi dresses that convert into a maxi skirt -and they fit me just right- I was sold, so much so that I bought 2! I tend to do that when I find something I really like. Am I the only crazy person who does this?

I love this print but what really got me about this shirt was the back:

This photo doesn't capture how pretty it looks in person but trust me, its gorgeous. 

Lastly, I leave you with a basic striped top. I swear, I never leave J. Crew without buying a striped top and my closet can prove it as you can see here:

I want to get to a closet tour/room tour/house tour but like I told you, I'm still trying to complete rooms so those tours are TBA for now.


  1. I shop for my husband too and I don't mind! I actually enjoy it too! Love your new items and can't wait for a room/house tour!

  2. I know what you mean about times changing! I used to love Charlotte Russe but cannot set foot in there anymore. I still have one lace top from them that I love, but other than that, I think I am way too old to wear that stuff! I love your picks from J.Crew. Very pretty!


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