Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aubrey's 2nd Birthday Party

Another year has come and gone just as quickly as the last and I now officially have a two-year old. We've been getting a dose of the notorious two year old behavior here and there but she really decided to prove just how real the "terrible twos" are the day of her party. She had quite the range of emotions that day! 

So how did we pick out theme this year? Well Aubrey is a total girly girl. She loves her accessories, shoes, and the color pink. This girl has been wearing a tutu round the clock for about 2 weeks now (don't worry she has quite the variety now and we switch them out daily). Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She adores Mickey and Minnie and she's been carrying around her Minnie doll for a while now so I thought a Minnie's Bow-tique party would be right up her alley.

As usual, I planned on taking a ton of photos and ended up with only about 30. I managed to frantically snap these when I heard the first car pulling into the driveway (oh and by the way, the first car was 30 minutes early so I didn't have all of the food out yet). My in-laws took a ton of pictures and I bet they have some really great ones on their camera roll but getting them is another story...

Thankfully, we don't have dining room furniture yet so the dining room is the perfect space for a party and I had a lot of room to work with. 

 Please look away from the tacky builder-grade chandelier that I'm dying to replace.

The most time consuming tasks of all: Wrapping the forks in napkins to make them look like bows, and making the ears and bows for the Minnie plates. It was totally worth it though because all of the girls went crazy for the plates. 

Remember when I mentioned that she had a range of emotions that day- well here it is! I tried to snap these quickly before everyone got there. She started out happy (top photos) then heard the doorbell ring (bottom photos). She wanted everyone out of her house and she was not beating around the bush about it either. Thankfully, a few minutes later my best friend showed up with two of her best friends in tow and she was freakin' ecstatic. Violet and Eva totally saved the day, saved the party, and saved my sanity. To be fair, she was sick all week with a stomach bug and was just starting to feel better the day before her party so she just wanted me all week.

Despite the tears in the beginning, the party was a hit and Aubrey had a blast playing with her friends, eating her weight in cupcakes, and running from one end of the house to the other. Toward the end of the party (which was past her normal nap time) she decided it was time to check out. She threw a fit, refused to wear anything but her diaper and a tutu, grabbed her elephant, and went to bed. And this is why I need to blog more- I can't not write this lunacy down. She has to be reminded of this one day, right?!


  1. Such an adorable theme - what a great idea - my kids would have adored a Bow-tique party when they were 2 :-)

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

  2. what a beautiful party you threw! aubrey is such a pretty little girl :)

  3. That party is perfect with all the favors - and the terrible twos are something else, aren't they?!!? Glad you made it through alright! :)

  4. I still can't believe Aubrey is 2! You did an amazing job with the party, everything looked SO adorable, not to mention Aubrey. :)

  5. What did you use for her chalkboard, the writing came out so nice and bright!

  6. It actually looks like a fairy castle! And she looks super cute in that ‘Mini mouse’ dress. I came across this post just at the right time. I have already booked one of the venues in Chicago for my daughter’s birthday and such colors will definitely add life to the party.


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