Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Weekend

A couple of days late but here it is, a quick recap of our weekend!

On Saturday, we went the the Scranton Cultural Center and attended Dr. Seuss' Birthday Bash. They had a lot of fun activities for the kids. Aubrey was is awe between the mass amount of people, the characters, the decorations, and the breathtaking room that it was held in. She really enjoyed watching the play, Seussical that they performed at the end of the event. It was a lot of fun and if they have it again next year, we will definitely take her again. 

We were starving when we left the Birthday Bash so we got some lunch. We went to Coney Island Lunch. It's Scranton's oldest restaurant and my husband has been dying to get there and try it out so I'm happy we were finally got the experience it. We had their famous texas-wieners and fries. I thought they were ok but my husband really liked them and Aubrey just liked the fries. 

On Sunday, we were snowed in yet again! I'm so glad that we got out of the house on Saturday because it's been just about every weekend now this winter that we are snowed in. I got a lot of cleaning done and we made a yummy pasta dinner which was nice but I am SO over this winter crap. 

I can't tell you how jealous I am of all the people on my blog roll and IG that are wearing shorts and flip flops right now. Remember that movie where the two women swapped homes, I think it was called The Holiday? Yea, I'm thinking that sounds pretty good right about now. So, do you wanna build a snowman? Any takers? 

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