Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekends & Weddings

I've been trying to post a weekend update each week but I skipped last week so I'm going to play catch up with this post.

Oh, my little glamour girl. I know I've mentioned it before but my daughter is such a girly girl and I love every. single. bit of it. Here she is with her o.o.t.d. including a fur vest, Gucci shirt, J. Crew flats, and a Givenchy handbag. Can I just mention that I don't even own anything Gucci myself?
A local bakery is going out of business so we had to stop in for a famous smiley face cookie (last) Friday.

Then (last) Saturday my friend, A & I took a road trip to Philly to go dress shopping with our friend, H who is getting married in October. 
This wasn't the dress she choose but it was a contender and she did say "yes" to the dress that day! Her dress is so sweet, so simple, and so her style. Perfection.

This Friday was a crazy one. Aubrey gave me a run for my money and she got into all kinds of trouble- trouble that included risking a major head injury several times. This girl loves to climb and scare the crap out of her mother. 

Saturday was just another "Wedding Saturday." I tried on bridesmaid dresses for H's wedding. The bridal party will be wearing champagne dresses in a chiffon material; but she was sweet enough to let us choose the style we want. There were a lot of really pretty options but I opted for a dress with straps because it felt more comfortable. I always feel like I need to adjust myself when I wear a strapless dress. Plus, the back of this dress is so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up. 

After picking my dress, it was time to dress shop for my other best friend, A who is getting married just one month after H!

This was the first dress that she tried on and while it was very pretty, she ended up going with dress #2. Her dress is stunning and so perfect for her in every way. 

So there you have it- I spent the last two weekends dress shopping with my two best friends. Pretty great month so far. There are so many fun events to look forward to this year that I could just burst- and that's an understatement. 

I had some time to myself on Saturday to do some shopping- this never happens so I took full advantage and hit as many stores as I could before our appointment at the bridal shop. I tried on a bunch of clothes because trying on clothes is a luxury now that I have a toddler in tow most of the time and as luck would have it- I ended up with nothing! I couldn't find a single article of clothing that I liked. Granted, I was in a bit of a rush and I only looked in Marshalls and TJ Maxx but I still can't believe that I couldn't find at least one top. I have certain stores that I can always find clothes in (J. Crew, Gap, and Old Navy) and I'm starting to realize that they are my safe zone. Sure a good trendy outfit is fun here and there but in reality I'm just more of a classics kind of girl. 

I did manage to pick up a few things for the house and I found two really pretty spring/summer polishes that I can't wait to get on my fingers: 
Essie- Hard to Get
Ciate- Sweet Pea

Does that ever happen to you? It seems like when you go out hoping to buy/find something you end up with nothing and then on the flip side, when you least expect it, you end up having to make decisions as to what you really love/need/want.

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  1. Too bad you can't have that dress in that gorgeous melon color because it's beautiful on you! Although I'm sure the champagne hue will be lovely too. ;)



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