Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridal Expo- To Go or Not to Go

So yesterday was such a great day. My mom, grandma, aunt, cousin, and I went to the NEPA Bridal Expo at Mt. Airy Lodge & Casino and we had a great time. I was skeptical at first about bridal expos because I was expecting a bunch of vendors using their hard selling tactics to lure you in. While that was the case for a few of the vendors, most of them were very friendly and they made it a pleasant experience.

Upon check-in, each bride was given a list of all of the vendors present. We had to visit each vendor and get their signature so we could submit our completed list at the end for a chance to win various prizes. There were butlered hor d' oeurves (spring rolls, jamacian chicken kabobs, mozzarella & tomato), cake samples and chocolates passed around and everything was delicious! They had several tables set up with place settings, centerpieces, and linens to give you ideas.

There was a fashion show at the end of the expo (the last hour and a half). They showed us different gowns and tuxes and gave away door prizes in between. There were several generous door prizes too- 1/2 off a bridal gown, 4 free tuxes, toasting flutes, cash giveaways, weekend get aways, just to name a few. Unfortunately, I didn't win any of them but I did secure a tuxedo vendor! I got a great deal- 2010 prices locked in, 1/2 off the guys tuxes, and a free tux for my fiance. Not too bad, right? I'm surprised to say this, but I think I would definately consider going to more of these expos. They are quite helpful and we had a lot of fun too!


  1. Awww... I didn't know they were having a bride expo! I definitely want to go to one. My friend won a free gifts for her guests from a website. And they were super-cute. They were mugs with their names on it, and their wedding date and some M&M's inside. Adorable. :) That's great about Tux's though!! Anything helps!!

  2. You definately should go! The next one that I know of is at Bentley's in August. Your friend's favors sound adorable...different from what you normally see, I like it ;) You're right, every little bit helps.


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