Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Aubrey's Cinderella Inspired 3rd Birthday Celebration

Yes, it's true its been forever since my last post. It's also true that I thought about quitting altogether, deleting my blog, and possibly starting all over again. BUT you know what? I decided that I can't bring myself to do that. Why? A part of me really misses blogging and if there were more hours in a day I would've never stopped but most of all, I really miss documenting my memories and referring back to them. So, I'm back... in a sense. I'm not making any promises to post x times per week or month but I can promise that I am not going anywhere. 

That being said, there is so much that has happened that I missed the opportunity to blog about so I plan to keep things current but also back track a little to blog some big events and memories as well. 

On January 28th, Aubrey turned 3. How this happened already is totally unfathomable. She is blossoming into such a sweet, smart, caring little lady who is wise beyond her years. She asked for a Cinderella party this year and we delivered. Our family along with several of her little girlfriends (all dressed as princesses) joined us and helped us celebrate our little princess! 

Printable via
Cake Topper via

Cinderella Dress via

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Game via
The girls had a blast trying to stick the shoe on the pillow for Cinderella. It was a total hit and it was definitely comical to watch.
Puzzle via
Pencil Sharpener via
Tattoos via
 Aubrey and I were pretty excited about the favors. She gifted all of her girlfriends with a Princess/Palace Pets puzzle (say that 5 times, fast), Cinderella temporary tattoos, and a glass slipper pencil sharpener. 

 The girls also decorated their own magic wands too. We bought a bunch of different stickers and gems for them to use to make it their own. They had such a great time using their "magic" for the rest of the party too. 

 This simple decoration was probably one of my favorites. I simply printed it for a google search, cut it, and glued it onto a skewer to stick into a cheese block for the cheese platter. 
We feasted on eggplant parmesan, baked ziti, a delicious cranberry, walnut, and mandarin orange salad, chicken nuggets, fries, a cheese plater, and of course olives. 

Her party was so much fun and it's safe to say that she loved every minute of it. She has such a great group of girlfriends and they all get along so well. It was a very loud house filled with lots of laughs, giggles, and screams- that's what you get with a house filled with almost all girls. Very loud equals very happy, very excited, very full of love in Italian families and that pretty much sums up her special day. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Style

Those of you who have been long time followers of my blog know that I tend to go for classic, timeless staples. I'm a work at home (for the most part) and stay at home mom so truth be told, I do not get dressed up every day, and my summer uniform usually consists of a basic tank and cotton shorts. However, when we leave the house I like to look polished and put-together but my outfit still needs to be functional. 

Here's the other thing about shopping and being a mom- I don't have a lot of time when I do make it into a fitting room so I do most of my shopping online. I really don't enjoy playing the guessing game when it comes to buying dresses or pants/shorts online though. Some items you just have to try on unless you find a brand that you love that has consistent sizing (thank you J.Crew!). 

There is actually an online retailer that allows you to not only customize your clothing but you can also have it made to your exact measurements. Seriously, the best idea. Ever. eShakti contacted me about their fresh look including new styles, product lines, and website. I was so excited to check it out and their new styles did not disappoint. Previously, eShakti was known for their dresses and skirts but they now offer shorts, pants, jumpsuits, and lots of really pretty tops too. 

I'm all about scallops.
These designs are so simple, yet polished and that describes my style in a nutshell.
I love this chambray jumpsuit, I think the rolled cuffs and belt really make it for me. I'm not sure I could pull off a jumpsuit because I think they look better on a taller frame (I'm only 5'2") but it's such a great piece that I had to share it.

There have been a lot of baby showers, sprinkles, bridal showers, and weddings on my calendar lately. I love that there is a good mix of both casual, work, and special occasion dresses to choose from. The yellow dress reminds me a little of a Lilly style dress and it seems to scream summer to me. 

I'm typically not one for the Boho look. I love it on other people but it doesn't always look right on me. However, I'd be willing to try this pretty pink Boho top out. It might even make a nice cover up too! My last pick is so sweet and so simple but I think it would be perfect for a 4th of July celebration.

What do you think about my style picks?
See anything here that you like?

eShakti is offering my readers a $35 coupon to try them out and see for yourself how fun it can be to customize your clothing. Just use the code below to redeem and please be sure to come back to tell me your thoughts. 

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*This post is sponsored by eShakti. All opinions expressed here are my own and I promise to always be honest with my reviews regardless of whether they are free or purchased on my own.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Perfect Invite

It's party central over here. I'm in the midst of putting together our 1st Annual Swine and Dine summer kickoff party which is happening just two short weeks from now. 

Next month is my best friend's bridal shower. This is huge, huge in a very exciting, very nerve-wracking kind of way. You see when it comes to parties, I'm a total perfectionist and I am all about the little details. I'm so thrilled to begin planning out this bash though and I know it's going to be beautiful. 

The theme for her shower is "Garden Party." I have a little inspiration board that I put together and will help guide me while planning out all of her decor but let's be honest the first step is picking out the invitations. There are so many amazing options out there that it can be a bit overwhelming. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on etsy and a few other stationary sites searching for the perfect invite and I found a few possibilities. 
Literally, the next day a game changing email landed in my inbox- I was contacted by Minted. I've heard of Minted before but for whatever reason I didn't think to check out their selections. I browsed through their bridal shower invitations and immediately found a handful that I absolutely loved. I'm one of those people who believes in the cliche saying, "everything happens for a reason" and as silly as this may sound, it's surreal how this all fell into place.

I feel like the invite that you choose to send out will set the tone for your party so it's a huge decision. The design should inspire your decor selections. The paper quality, the print quality, the envelope and/or liner, that all makes in impact on the recipient. I know it's just paper, but to me, that piece of paper influences how people are going to feel about your event and influence such things as how dressy or casual your event is. Anyway, enough rambling- you get my point, right? Let's get on to my top 4 picks for a Garden Party Bridal Shower.

Beautiful Bouquet 
Elegance Illustrated 
White on Kraft
Spring Shower

In addition to offering beautiful designs, Minted allows you to make some customizations as well. For example, there are up to 8 different silhouette shapes to choose from- anything from scalloped edges, to rounded edges, to a tag shaped design. Many of the designs are available in different color schemes too, so if you like a design but it doesn't include your colors you can customize it. You can choose a coordinating envelope liner, select your paper, and brace yourselves- they offer free recipient addressing! Not only do they address them for free but you also get to select the design/format of your addresses. Very clever, Minted. I'm impressed.

It's going to be a tough decision but I think I am leaning toward "Spring Shower."

Which design is your favorite?

*This post is sponsored by Minted. All opinions expressed here are my own and I promise to always be honest with my reviews regardless of whether they are free or purchased on my own.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favorite Spring Trends & Monthly Must-Reads Reunion

I'm so excited to team up again for a reunion post with some of my favorite ladies. Our reunion post topic is Spring 2015 trends. I couldn't pick just one trend to focus on so I narrowed it down to my top three:

1. The Shirt Dress
I love the casual yet dressy feel of this style and this particular dress catches my eye because I am a sucker for anything eyelet.

2. Yellow
There are three colors out there that look amazing with a tan in my opinion- white, coral, and yellow. While I certainly don't have a tan just yet, I am looking forward to wearing lots of yellow this spring/summer. It's such a bright color, sunny, happy hue and I think it goes well with most skin tones too.

3. Black & White
When it comes to fashion, I'm all about the classics and it doesn't get any more classic, timeless, or basic than black and white. You just can't go wrong with this duo and I will never grow sick of it. ever.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekends & Weddings

I've been trying to post a weekend update each week but I skipped last week so I'm going to play catch up with this post.

Oh, my little glamour girl. I know I've mentioned it before but my daughter is such a girly girl and I love every. single. bit of it. Here she is with her o.o.t.d. including a fur vest, Gucci shirt, J. Crew flats, and a Givenchy handbag. Can I just mention that I don't even own anything Gucci myself?
A local bakery is going out of business so we had to stop in for a famous smiley face cookie (last) Friday.

Then (last) Saturday my friend, A & I took a road trip to Philly to go dress shopping with our friend, H who is getting married in October. 
This wasn't the dress she choose but it was a contender and she did say "yes" to the dress that day! Her dress is so sweet, so simple, and so her style. Perfection.

This Friday was a crazy one. Aubrey gave me a run for my money and she got into all kinds of trouble- trouble that included risking a major head injury several times. This girl loves to climb and scare the crap out of her mother. 

Saturday was just another "Wedding Saturday." I tried on bridesmaid dresses for H's wedding. The bridal party will be wearing champagne dresses in a chiffon material; but she was sweet enough to let us choose the style we want. There were a lot of really pretty options but I opted for a dress with straps because it felt more comfortable. I always feel like I need to adjust myself when I wear a strapless dress. Plus, the back of this dress is so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up. 

After picking my dress, it was time to dress shop for my other best friend, A who is getting married just one month after H!

This was the first dress that she tried on and while it was very pretty, she ended up going with dress #2. Her dress is stunning and so perfect for her in every way. 

So there you have it- I spent the last two weekends dress shopping with my two best friends. Pretty great month so far. There are so many fun events to look forward to this year that I could just burst- and that's an understatement. 

I had some time to myself on Saturday to do some shopping- this never happens so I took full advantage and hit as many stores as I could before our appointment at the bridal shop. I tried on a bunch of clothes because trying on clothes is a luxury now that I have a toddler in tow most of the time and as luck would have it- I ended up with nothing! I couldn't find a single article of clothing that I liked. Granted, I was in a bit of a rush and I only looked in Marshalls and TJ Maxx but I still can't believe that I couldn't find at least one top. I have certain stores that I can always find clothes in (J. Crew, Gap, and Old Navy) and I'm starting to realize that they are my safe zone. Sure a good trendy outfit is fun here and there but in reality I'm just more of a classics kind of girl. 

I did manage to pick up a few things for the house and I found two really pretty spring/summer polishes that I can't wait to get on my fingers: 
Essie- Hard to Get
Ciate- Sweet Pea

Does that ever happen to you? It seems like when you go out hoping to buy/find something you end up with nothing and then on the flip side, when you least expect it, you end up having to make decisions as to what you really love/need/want.