Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gifting Our Bridal Party

With just 83 more days until the big day, I have been busy finishing up projects, shopping, and addressing invitations (that's another post).
Here are some of our bridal party gifts that I'm really excited about:
Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Jewelry Box

The jewelry box and personalized bracelets are for our flower girl.

For the groomsmen:
My fiance is a total shaving snob
so it only made sense to gift the guys with premium shaving products.
They're getting a chrome shaving bowl, shaving soap. a brush, and after shave balm.
I got the girl's gifts months ago but I can't post them yet because my MOH reads my blog!
So stay tuned, I'll post their gifts after the wedding.

Now we just need to figure out our parent gifts.
What did you/are you going to give to your parents as a thank you at the rehearsal dinner?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Girly Tulle Hanger

My Wedding Dress Hanger
I made this girly hanger using just two things: a black plastic hanger (from Charlotte Russe), and strips of light pink tulle. I cut strips of tulle in different lengths and simply tied them onto the hanger. I used some hot glue on the ends of the hanger to make sure the tulle stayed in place and didn't slip off. I snipped the ends of the tulle to even it out a bit and hot glued the little flower onto the front and.....done!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yesterday's OOTD

Abercrombie & Fitch Erin Skinny Jeans
Forever 21 White T-Shirt
Forever 21 Black Cardi
Airwalk Black Flats
Ebay Belt
My belt is trimmed in gold so I wanted to wear gold jewelry. I usually wear silver so I really had to search for these old pieces; I can't remember where they came from. Yesterday was so beautiful outside- 6o degrees in February so I wore this without a coat! I opened my sunroof and I went to the tanning salon to start tanning again. It was just what I needed to ward off the winter depression but today it's snowy and cold, again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better Late than Never OOTD V-Day

XOXO Pink Sequined Cardigan
Betsey Johnson Tights
Rampage Blush Heels
(they are the same color pink as my cardi but they look washed out in the pics for some reason)
Pearl Bracelets (old) with and old brooch that I attatched
I had one of the best Valentine's Day's this year. My fiance and I went out to a fancy restaurant. I had my favorite, Chicken Marsala and my fiance had Seafood Fra Diavolo. We got tiramisu for dessert and it was soooo delicious. We exchanged cards and candy and he got me a really cute "I Love You" balloon too.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Honeymoon Destination!

We have our honeymoon destination
and I have my new luggage tags all ready to go. (aren't they cute?)

We are going to Italy for 15 days!

We're landing in Milan, then going to Venice, Florence, Assisi, stopping off in a small villiage outside of Assisi to visit my fiance's relatives, Capri, Taormina, Palermo, Pompeii, and Rome!

Can't freakin' wait!!!

I fell in love in an aisle...

I fell in love in an aisle at Michael's the other day. The aisle was filled with things that encompassed my exact vision for my wedding- shabby chic, parisian, pink, and romantic.

Mock up of our sweetheart table
Candle Sticks -Michael's
Love Sign- A.C Moore
Love Birds- My DIY Project
I actually have two sets of love birds, the other set is our cake topper.
"Amore" glass bottle with pink ostrich feathers
(Sorry, I didn't want to take them out of the bag.
I saw them opened in the store and they fall so nicely.)

I bought a ton of these birdcage tealight holders.

I bought these at Michael's a while ago and painted them white.

Birdcage- TJ Maxx (painted white)

Program Holder- Michael's (painted white)

Jump Start on Spring Cleaning!

I know it's not spring... yet, but it's on it's way and I've been cleaning and throwing stuff away like crazy. It all started because we are running out of space due to the invasion of wedding stuff. I've been cleaning all of those areas that aren't on my weekly cleaning/dusting list and it's not a pretty scene. I hate dust and so do my allergies.

This right here is my immune system's worst nightmare:
We bought this TV stand at Best Buy when we bought our tv. I haven't been a fan of it since day one but we needed something quick to put our new tv on so we made it work. Well, it's not working for me anymore. It has to be caddy-cornered and the amount of dust behind this thing is gross. I've been searching all over for reasonable LCD TV Stands and I finally found what I've been lookng for. Not only is it affordable, but there's free shipping too!
This corner definately fails the white glove test!
As promised, here is our (cleaned up) wedding corner. I moved a bunch of totes downstairs to the basement so there's a little more room to actually pull out a chair and sit down.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Projects

The second I saw these lace wrapped candles on Martha Stewart Weddings, I knew I had to have them at our wedding. What is more romantic that lace and candles- together no less.
So I got to work, wrapping all of my votives in lace.
I cut all of the strips in the length I needed and glued them on using A.C Moore Tacky Glue.
The tacky glue dries completely clear and it really worked great.

Next Project: Bubbles!
Like the votives, I cut all of the ribbon to size, got my hot glue gun, and started gluing away.
Then I added the bow because as you all know, I love bows.
Upcoming Project: Favors
Our favors are Lindt Truffles, our favorite! This gigantic box weighing 34534803 pounds (well, maybe not that much but it certainly felt like it) arrived the other day. Now the favors need to be assembled. I'm going to have to enlist in the help of my girls for this project. So there will be a wine and cheese night coming up soon. I've got big plans for these favors.
You'll have to stay tuned to see the end result...

I'm quickly loosing dining room space as all of this wedding stuff is taking over my apartment! Once I straighten it up a bit, I'll take pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. It's out of control!

Do you/did you have a wedding room/corner of chaos?

Wedding Wednesday Peony Love

It's been a while since I did a Wedding Wednesday post but I've been pretty busy lately with working, wedding planning, and life in general. I have been shopping for the wedding like crazy and working on so many wedding-related projects lately. It's crunch time now...just 101 days to go!

The bouquets took a lot longer to assemble than I expected but they were well worth it. I'm not a huge flower person but I do love peonies. Peonies also happen to be pretty expensive ($9-$10 a stem). Considering the price along with my inevitable springtime allergies, I opted for silks. Silk flowers are not that much cheaper, I really didn't save too much but at least I know I won't be having an allergy attach on my wedding day, at least I hope not.
My bouquet- light pink peonies
(It's a lot bigger in person; I guess I should've taken pictures of me holding it so you could see the proportions)
Since I absolutely love all things with pearls, I had to get this pearl bouquet wrap.
(Michaels $5.99)

My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet.

I was being incredibly anal and picky and it took forever to get the shape of each bouquet to my liking. Once I got the shape I wanted, I wrapped the stems in green floral tape to secure them. Then I carefully wrapped the handles in ribbon and finished it off with a little hot glue to hold the ribbon end. You can't even see the hot glue; it made for a seamless look. I'm really proud if myself as this was the first time I ever worked with silks. Would you ever consider using silks in place of the real deal?