Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flea Market Finds part 2

I found out about this local yard sale that had a bunch of wedding supplies so I decided to check it out just for the fun of it; not really expecting much. Well, I totally lucked out! it was a wedding planner hosting this yard sale and she had a ton of stuff that I needed. Most of it was brand new or in like new condition. I got a ton of ribbon along with all of this:
I got my centerpieces!!!!
I fell in love with these the second I saw them!
They're perfect for the romantic/vintage look that I'm going for.

Aldo Bridal Flip Flops!

These have my name written all over them! I love bows! They also have a big crystal heart in the center. I plan on keeping my heels on all night but these will be cute to wear to the salon and while were getting ready. They only had one pair and they just so happened to be my size so they were meant to me. (please excuse the poor picture quality, it was taken on my cell phone)

Table Numbers

I think they're really pretty as they are with the glitter but I'll probably paint them ivory and change them up a bit. Maybe add a pretty flower detail on the side or something...

Flea Market Finds

I spent most of the day this past Saturday with a friend, going from flea market, to yard sale, to garage sale. It was a so much fun. Here's what I got:
Seashell Mirror
was brand new in box marked $7.99, I paid $2
Milk Glass Vase $2.00

Milk Glass Platter $3.00

I painted these old frames white. 50 cents.

Here's what they looked like before:

Pearl Necklace $3.00

desk organizer 50 cents
I think it was a pretty successful day. I got a lot of really nice things and my friend ended up getting a Peter Max clock. She went home and looked it up- it's valued at $600 and she paid only $1!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let me introduce you to Mariah...

Bebe Mariah Satin Slingback

I came across the Mariah on a photographer's website ( You can check out her site by clicking on the first photo. She is incredibly talented and her work is amazing. I always find myself checking her site for inspiration. I saw these heels and instantly knew that I had to have them. They have a 5.5" heel with a 1'' hidden platform. Perfect for me since I'm 5'2'' and my fiance is 6'5''!! So I immediately got my credit card ready and went to the Bebe site. Unfortunately, they must be from last season because they are no longer available. So no problem I thought, I'll check ebay- they have everything. Well, I was wrong- they only had one pair listed and it was a size 9 (certainly won't fit my 6.5). I'm determined to find them somewhere. Maybe I'll get lucky and there will be a pair of 6.5's waiting for me at Nordstrom Rack when I go in a few weeks ~I'm keeping my fingers crossed~

Wedding Wednesday

David's Bridal Pink Rosette Dress
I am in love with this dress. As a matter of fact, I think it was made for me! I think it would be the perfect bridesmaid dress but unfortunately, I don't think it will look right on everyone in the bridal party. Traditional bridesmaid dresses are all pretty plain, boring, and expected. I'm determined to find something that is fun and different (in a good way) because I want my girls to look great too. It's currently in the running though. If it doesn't work out, I'll just have to get it for myself!
What do you think of the dress?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Louboutin Love

Christian Louboutin is truly a genius. His shoes are pure perfection. I was browsing through his collection, dreaming, hoping, and wishing that I could have one of each style. Here are a few of my favorites:
Star Prive Slingback

Studio Peep Toe

Poseidon (aqua)
they also come in silver & gold
I think they are so fun, they remind me of a mermaid!

Miss Chacha (navy)
I could picture these with a pair of white shorts or crops and a navy/white striped nautical shirt.

What are your favorite Louboutins?

10 Things I am Loving at the Moment

1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- I Pink I Can
2. Dior Sugar & Spice Blush
3. Olay Deep Cleansing Face Wash
4. Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Face Mask
5. Soap & Glory Fill Monty
6. Mini Sicilian Cheesecakes (Rachel Ray recipie)
7. Thai food- especially Pad Thai I'm obsessed!
8. Bobby Pins -my hair is really annoying me lately and they are a life saver.
9. Curel Body Moisturizer
10. Aussie Hair Spray- I love the smell.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

What a beautiful, unique alternative to the traditional floral bouquet!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Alyssa Milano "Castle"

I'll admit it, I'm a total nerd for extensively researching the designer of my dress. This is the kind of history lesson that fascinates me though.

Here are a few interesting highlights of Oleg's Life and Career:
  • Oleg Cassini was born in Paris to a Count and Countess. The family moved to Italy after the Russian Revolution and his mother became a fashion designer there. He traveled with his mother and acquired a great sense of the fashion world which led to his enrollment in Academia Di Belle Arti where he studied fine art. He won numerous international fashion competitions and later moved to New York and finally to Hollywood.

  • He was a costume designer for Paramount Pictures. He was a designer for t.v., motion pictures, and broadway as well.

  • Jackie Kennedy chose Cassini to design her state wardrobe in the 60's. He designed approximately 300 outfits for her including the gown she wore to the inaugural ball in 1961. Women of all ages fell in love with her pillbox hats, boxy jackets, oversized buttons, and elegant geometric dresses. In my opinion, she is a total fashion icon. I am in love with her glamorous yet classy, polished look. Not to mention, she's gorgeous!

While researching Cassini, I stumbled upon some exciting information about my dress *the dress.* Alyssa Milano wore this exact dress when she guest starred on an episode of ABC's hit mystery drama "Castle" in January 2010.

The more I think about this dress, the more excited I get. I definately made the right decision!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Said Yes to the Dress!

Cassini CRL 277

Pronovias Gaudi
Pronovias Gaudi

I know, I missed a Wedding Wednesday post this week! I'll try my best to keep up with it, I promise. As usual, life has been pretty busy. Last weekend was my birthday weekend and it was seriously one of the best birthdays ever! Two of my best friends came to visit. We went dress shopping (as in wedding dress shopping!), out to eat, and we even snuck in a little quality time at the mall. Four dress shops and about 20 dresses later, I ended up finding two dress that I really loved- a Pronovias and a Cassini. The ironic thing is that they were both completely different from one another! Later in the week I brought my mom to see both of the dresses. She liked them both but she favored the Cassini. I drove myself crazy trying to figure out which one to pick so finally I asked my fiance for some help. I showed him a ton of pictures dresses and asked him to tell me what he liked and didn't like and it made my decision a whole lot easier! I mixed the two dresses in that were in the running along with a bunch of other ones. He strongly disliked the Pronvias dress and he really liked the Cassini so...the decision was made!