Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Decorating Update & Upcoming Giveaway!

My fiance and I are hoping to finally decide on a paint color this weekend for the office/dressing room/spare bedroom. I can't wait to get started with the painting because everything about this room is really bothering me lately. The furniture is all mismatched, the wall color is so dark and gloomy and the lighting is less than adequate. It needs a complete overhaul!

If you remember back in February, I refinished a few pieces of furniture. We currently have an old wooden day bed that was passed down to us from a family member but it totally clashes with my "new old furniture" so it needs to go. I was thinking about replacing it with a bookcase headboard. I figured it would create more storage space and I think the South Shore Summer Breeze will tie in nicely with my furniture. What do you think?

In other exciting news, once I reach 70 followers (currently at 61) I will be celebrating with a fabulous giveaway! I am so thankful for all of my loyal readers and I hope that more will stop by and like what they see. So remember- Sometimes it's okay to be a follower!

(CSN has not compensated me for the above reference.)

Wedding Wednesday

My mom and I were brainstorming the other day about what we could do to supplement my centerpieces. I knew that they needed something else around them, I just didn't know what. Then the most random thing popped into my head--- tea cups! Tea cups with flowers in them! Perfect! So we have started our hunt for old vintage tea cups and I have to say, it's not easy. I'll admit, I am being a little picky but I'm confident that the right ones will come along.
I think it's meant to be though. I haven't seen this idea used anywhere, it just popped into my head. Then later in the week my grandmother gave me a few bridal magazines that she had picked up for me. As I was paging through one of them I came across my idea! So as I said, it's meant to be. Do you ever get that feeling when something ironic like that happens?
(image via Project Wedding)
(image via Kerry Morgan)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Fall Finds & Blush!

Some new purchases that are certainly reflecting the changing of the seasons:
Forever 21 Gray Ruffle Cardigan

Forever 21 Bow Clips

Australian Sheepskin Boots
No, they are not Uggs but they are great dupes for the Ugg Bailey Button. They are just as soft, if not softer inside and they are both water and stain repellant. I like to collect them in every color so I can't commit to UGGs b/c I would be broke- I have them in black, chestnut, sand, and pink. Love them or hate them, they keep your feet warm and I live in these things when it gets cold out.

Blush Palette (with flash)
-from eBay-
I can't wait to play around with this palette.
(without flash)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Stationary Suite

There are so many things to think about when it comes to wedding planning- the dress, the flowers, the centerpieces, the food, and the list goes on... Often times, the stationary gets overlooked but it is actually pretty important because it's the first indicator of what your event will be like and it sets the tone.

Stationary can get pricey, so while it's important to stay within budget, you also want to make sure you are truly happy and comfortable with what you are sending out. There are several things that you can do yourself to spruce up you invites like adding your own envelope liners, adding embellishments to the invitation itself, or sealing the envelope with a monogrammed wax seal.

As I was browsing the internet looking for stationary, I found that the prices were a little higher than what our budget called for and I also wasn't finding exaclty what I was looking for so I turned to eBay. I tend to turn to eBay for a lot of things that I have trouble finding and 8 times out of ten I'm successful.

Many of you remember me posting my save the dates and I got quite a few emails asking where I found them. Can you guess where? If you guessed eBay, you guessed right! I've been working with the talented Sharon of All About Divas and she has been nothing but helpful. This the entire stationary suite for the design that we picked:

Thank You


You can even get a matching slide show to put on loop at the shower, rehearsal, or wedding!
Slide Show

You may not need all of these but at least you know that you have options. For example, we have to submit our head count and dinner selections 7 days prior to the wedding so we don't need a menu.
Sharon offers so many beautiful designs that are fairly priced so if you are shopping for stationary check out her eBay store All About Divas.

***I have not been paid to post this nor am I receiving any complementary services from All About Divas. The opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions***

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Victoria's Secret Abercrombie Target Haul

This past weekend my fiance and I started our wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond and it was SO much fun! It's so easy to go wild when you go around with that little scanner. We picked our fine china but we still haven't completely decided on everyday dinnerware. I found this adorable oven mitt. I just wish they had the matching pot holders but I still cound't resist it.
Then we went to Target and I picked up a blackhead & blemish scrub because I've been breaking out lately. I was also happy to find Soap & Glory's Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. I haven't tried it yet but I'll post a review when I do. My dentist recommended the Crest Spinbrush so I decided to give it a whirl (haha, get it? Corny, I know.) The results? I love it! I definately notice a difference and it does reach those hard to reach areas that manual toothbrushes can't.
Next stop was the mall. Speaking of teeth, we saw a place in the mall called Bleachbright. Their claim is whiter teeth, by 2-8 shades, in just 15 minutes. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm a little skeptical as it's in a mall and I'm pretty sure they aren't dentists that perform the procedure.

Abercrombie dress/tunic

Abercrombie Erin Skinny Jeans
I love Abercrombie jeans.
They're the only jeans I buy because they fit me like they were made especially for me.

Victoria's Secret Vintage Slim Sweats
$5 tee (with Pink purchase)
I signed up for Pink Nation- they send you great offers and emails like this one.

Airwalk Black Suede Flats with super soft lining
They will definately keep me warm this fall.
I'm expecting a few packages but they are taking forever to get here
so there will be another haul coming soon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What I've been up to...

I've been really bad at blogging lately. There's been so much going on and I just haven't had the time but I haven't forgotten about all of my lovely readers!
Last weekend my fiance and I decided to spend our Bon Ton gift card that I won at a bridal expo. It was so much fun shopping around for things that we want to put on our registry. We bought these wine glasses and a new set of microfiber sheets-which are incredibly soft!
I really need to make a trip up to my attic because my dining room is becoming cluttered with wedding stuff. There's a lot more in my basement that I need to move up to the attic too.
I decided to go with silk flowers for the bouquets. I cleaned out two JoAnn Fabric stores of all of their peonies. I have all of the flowers that I need for the girl's bouquets so I just need the flowers for mine now. I may order them from afloral or fiori belli if JoAnn's doesn't restock soon.
Here are the pink peonies and some other flower that wasn't marked but I think it's so prety whatever it is. I have two maids of honor. The word "maid" really bothers me; I've got to come up with something different. Anyway, their bouquets will consist of these two flowers and the bridesmaids will be made up all white peonies. As for my bouquet, I haven't decided if it will be all pink or a mix of pink and white peonies.

White peonies

I've also been decorating for Halloween which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up - who doesn't? I picked up these spider tealight holders at Big Lots and my mom got me the pumpkin candle holder.

I made a new wreath for the front door.

And we are still trying to decide on a paint color. This is what my wall currently looks like in our computer/dressing room. Lovely, right?

My finace had a hectic week at work so I baked him some cupcakes to make him smile last night. He was pleasantly surprised when he got home. Remember- food, especially sweets are the key to a man's heart. haha

So, as you can see I've been pretty busy. I'm going to try my best to get on here more often so I don't have a whole mix of posts that turn into one. I have been doing a little fall shopping so that will be the next post. But for right now, my fiance and I are off to start a registry! Tonight is date night and tomorrow afternoon I will spend with one of my best friends at another bridal expo. What can I say, they're fun and I can't wait to catch up with her!

In the meantime, check out The Pretty Pauper's blog and enter her amazing giveaway! While you're there be sure to check out her OOTD posts!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Throwback Nails

"Throwback Nails," as my fiance likes to call them. My signature nails are either french manicure or a nude color. I tend to favor things that are classic and timeless. They see color every so often though- pinks, corals, reds, deep purples...
Years ago, when I first met my fiance, I had acrylic nails that I would have done on a weekly basis-religiously. I gave that up a while ago and since then I've been really focused on keeping my nails healthy. This was my signature nail style back in my acrylic days:
So, when my fiance saw my nails he said "Oh, throwback nails, huh?" I thought it was cute that he noticed (and remembered).
Here's what I used:
L.A Colors Art Deco Silver Sparkle
Hoof Hands Little White Lies White French Tip Pen
--Love this pen! It makes french tips so easy. Like less than 5 minutes easy.
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat
What are your "throwback nails?"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Look what came in the mail today- just in time for Wedding Wednesday!
My Wedding Shoes from ASOS!
The box was all banged up but luckily, the shoes were unharmed!

They're exactly what I was looking for.
They fit perfectly but as you can see they are a little wide in the heel area.
When I walked around in them they seemed ok.
My foot didn't slip or anything but I wonder if there is any way of fixing that...
Anyway, I'm on love with these heels! And I'm so happy that the size worked out because I was worried about that. Now I can order more from ASOS! *Very exciting*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Our grape vine in our backyard- full of delicious grapes

DIY Love Birds Cake Topper

I found these little ceramic birds in the dollar store the other day. For whatever reason, they were covered in sand and it made them look kind of cheap, but the detailing on their wings was SO pretty and I knew there was potential.
I used sand paper to remove all of the sand, rinsed them under water, let them air dry, and spray painted them with Krylon Ivory spray paint with a satin finish. Letting them dry in between coats of course, it took about 4 coats of paint.
I cut a small square piece of light pink tulle, folded it in half and rounded the egdes. Then I gathered the tulle and made a few stitches to hold it in place.
After cutting the excess tulle from the top if the area I stitched, I hot glued in on the head of the bride bird. Once the veil was on, I hot glued certain pieces of the tulle to the bird until I was pleased with the veil.
Then I hot glued a flower with a pearl center on top of the veil. I hot glued one of the petals down over the top of the tulle gathering so it was no longer visible. You just have to play with it and tweek it as you see fit.

In order to add some dimension, and "antique" the birds, I used some blush. NYX Angel to be exact.

Using my blush brush, I lightly dusted the power all over, focusing in the wings to bring out the detailing.

I glued a bow tie on the groom.
I'm eventually going to make a round platform for them to sit on that will sit on the top of the cake but I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing for that yet... I'll have to keep you posted!
What do you think? Aren't they adorable?!

DIY Girly Ruffled Flower

I've been seeing these cute flowers every where lately and I decided to try to make one. Surprisingly, it's pretty easy! This is my first attempt at this so I'll try my best to explain how I did it. So here it goes:
Step 1: Cut different sized circles out of an organza type of material. They don't have to be perfect, just rounded. I'm not even sure what this material is called. I got it at JoAnn's on the clearance rack.
Step 2: Using a tealight, hold the fabric above the lighted candle and slowly spin it around so that all of the edges are exposed to the flame. Make sure you don't get too close, you don't want your fabric to touch the flame because it will catch on fire and singe the material.

This is what you will end up with- rounded, ruffled circles.
Step 3: Place the circles on top of one another so they are layered according to size. I used 6 circles but you can use however many you want, depending on how big of a flower you want.
Step 4: Now that the circles are layered the way you want them, make a few stitches in the middle of the flower to hold them in place. Then start sewing on tiny beads for the center. I piled on 3 beads at a time and kept adding more until it formed the round center that I wanted.
And this is what you will come up with!
I think I'm going to hot glue a bobby pin on to the back to make a barette.
I may make a few smaller ones and add them to a ribbon to make a belt.
What do you think? Pretty simple, right?