Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday (a day early): Our Venue

We knew from the very beginning of our wedding planning that we wanted a venue that could host both our ceremony and reception. We also wanted a place that reflected our personal sense of style. We visited a handful of venues before coming across "The One." This was exactly what we were looking for. This building was completely remodeled a year and a half ago so everything is brand new and super modern. I wish I would have taken more pictures inside but I was so busy taking it all in that I forgot. When we go back for our tasting, I will try to get some pictures of the inside.
(entrance- LOVE the stone work!)

(side entrance)
Marble gazebo that we were going to get married under
but instead we opted to just use it for pictures
(you'll see why in a second)
(top of gazebo)

(waterfall next to gazebo- not running at the time the pic. was taken)

This is why we opted to not get married under the gazebo. As beautiful as this aisle is, it is not going to work too well with the heels that I plan on wearing. I'm accident prone as it is, so that would just be asking for a disaster.

(where the DJ will be set up for the ceremony)

(view of waterfall from deck)

(patio bar on deck)

(more of the deck)
So, you're probably wondering where we are having our ceremony. We're having the ceremony on the deck! All of these tables and chairs will be cleared away and we will have our own chairs set up to create an aisle. At the end of the aisle, will be an arbor. The arbor from my backyard (pictured here). The arbor has tremendous sentimential value to me as my grandfather built it and he has now passed away. I have been so upset at the idea of him not being at my wedding so it makes perfect sense to have a part of him there at the most important part of our wedding day.

What kind of sentimential things are you planning to/did you work into your wedding day?


(images via we ♥ it)
I'm getting so bored with my nails lately but these pictures are inspiring. I like the idea of painting different shades, mixing in some polka dots, and adding some sparkle!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Wednesday Best Wishes & Dress Update

I started another wedding project last night. This one was really simple and it didn't take long at all. I stamped all of our "Best Wishes" cards. In lieu of a guestbook, we are going to have our guests fill out these cards. I have to buy a frame and print out a little saying describing what it is all about. I also need to find or make a pretty box to put all of the cards in.

Help me decide which caption to use inside the frame! Should I keep it short and simple with: "Please leave your wishes for the Mr. & Mrs" or should I use this catchy rhyme: "Instead of a guestbook stuck in a drawer, Michael and Danielle thought they would do more. Please write them a note, a wish, or a greeting. For later on, it will make for good reading! Or if you prefer, some advice would be nice, on how to stay married and keep the spice.

This is what my dining room table currently looks like:

***Dress Update***
My last wedding related post was about the second thoughts that I was having about my dress. Well, I made the best decision ever. Before impulsively running to NYC to buy a new dress, I got a second opinion from another seamstress. Just to give you an idea of how amazing my new seamstress is- she actually had the opportunity to work for Betsey Johnson (who I adore)! She is going to work her magic on my dress and she assured me that she could make it look the way I was hoping it would when I first said yes to the dress. As if that isn't exciting enough, I am also going to add some details to make the dress more me. I fell in love with the details on this Pronovias Estepona dress and I am going to incorporate them into my dress.
I'll be adding bows, like these down the back of my dress.
Anyone who knows me knows my love of bows, so it only makes sense.

(image credit Marianne Taylor Photography)

I'm also adding some ruffled trim along the sweetheart neckline
that will follow through to the top portion of the back of the dress.

I'm so excited and I can't wait to see the finished product. I have to have patience though because I can't start my fittings too soon. Because of the shape of the dress, she advised me to start alterations 1-2 months before the wedding so the fit is perfect.

Monday, November 15, 2010

F21 Haul & Gift Idea for the Man in your life

I went to my favorite mall this weekend- King of Prussia and I had the worst luck. A lot of the stores on the first level were closed due to water damage, so that eliminated a lot of stores that I wanted to visit. Steve Madden didn't have the heels that I wanted to try on, and Tiffany's closes early on Saturday so I couldn't buy the bracelet that I've been wanting. Forver 21 was so packed that it was hard to even move in there so I didn't get too much.
Forever 21 Pajamas

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 bobby pins

MAC Studio Fix NC25 (Yes, I'm that pale and in desperate need of a tan!)

Now for the men in our lives... My fiance is a bit of a shaving snob and one of his favorite stores is The Art of Shaving. He uses a straight razor to shave, he has a set routine, and certain products that he uses in a certain order. One of his favorite items is the pre-shave oil (this one is lavendar scented).
He's never tried this Alum Block before but he has read about it and he really wants one so I bought it.
The directions say "After shaving, moisten the stone with cold water and rub gently on the face. For minor cuts: Moisten the stone with cold water and place stone over the cut for a tightening sensation that leaves your skin feeling comfortable." The Art of Shaving products aren't cheap by any means but they are superior shaving products according to my fiance. If your man likes to keep is appearance nice and neat, you may want to treat him to something like this for Christmas. Just an idea; I know how hard men are to shop for!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Half Hour Shopping Spree

Working in a mall is very, very dangerous; especially for me. I had a half an hour for a lunch break and what do I do? I went shopping! I am so incredibly excited about the new stores that recently came into our mall- Strawberry's, Body Central, and Rue 21 Plus!

My first stop was Body Central. I have gotten their catalog in the mail for some time now but I never ordered for whatever reason. This store is really great though. I can't wait to stop back in when I have more time. I quickly grabbed some accessories but I saw a few things that I want to go back and try on.

Next stop was Charlotte Russe, another one of my favorite stores. I grabbed a cream colored lace top and a couple of basic camis.

I saw a few pairs of shoes that I *need* and I will have to go back.
Not only is working in the mall dangerous, but working at a jewelry counter is worse! I am forced to look at all of these beautiful pieces of jewelry all day long. It's pretty hard to find self-control when it comes to diamonds. Let's just say, I have my Christmas list pretty well in order...

OOTD's Gray & Black

I went to a wine tasting tonight with my future mother in law. We visited the venue where my bridal shower will be held. I'm so excited because the shower theme will be Italian/wine/vineyard which makes perfect sense because I'm very Italian and I love my wine! I worked all day at job#2, grabbed some pizza (for us) on the way home for dinner and had to hurry up and change when I got home to go to the tasting. This is what I threw together:

Forever 21 Gray Ruffle Cardigan
Forever 21 White V-neck Top
Strawberry's Leggings
Body Central Necklace
Airwalk Black Bow Flats
(I feel like I live in these, but they are so comfortable and cute too!)
I guess I'm really into black and gray
because I wore this the other day when I had to run a few errands:

Jeanne Pierre Belted Sweater
Strawberry's Leggings
Airwalk Black Bow Flats

I have had some requests to do more OOTD's. Do you want to see my work outfits for my new job? I have to wear black and/or white. It's a bit challenging to come up with creative outfits but I try my best and so far I've been pretty happy with my selections. Let me know what you want to see more of on here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD & Update

Forever 21 Black Cardigan
Forever 21 Plain White T-Shirt
Abercrombie Emma Jeans
Airwalk Black Flats w/ Bows
Abercrombie Ribbon Belt (old)
I haven't been posting as much because I just started another job and I have no time anymore. I work full-time from home (mostly) and I was feeling an urge to get out of the house and around people so I got a part-time, seasonal job at a jewelry counter for the holidays. I worked at the same counter all throughout college and I know how fast-paced it is there during the holidays. I hate having too much down time so it's good for me. I also won't mind all of the extra money just in time for holiday shopping!
In other news, we are now just 194 days away from the wedding (according to the knot.com, I'm not that crazy that I'm actually counting)! It's becoming a little more real each passing day and I'm starting to stress a little. We need to get our save the dates out soon- before holiday cards start going out. My mom and I have been working on them quite a bit. I'll be sure to post pictures with all of the details once they're finished.
I'm really looking forward to visiting my maid of honor this weekend too. I can't wait to see her baby girl and go bridesmaid dress shopping and of course, shoe shopping! We're going to one of my favorite malls- King of Prussia in Philadelphia and I cannot possibly be more excited! I'm sure I will have a shopping haul when I return. I'm going to try my best to be good though.