Sunday, May 2, 2010


Alyssa Milano "Castle"

I'll admit it, I'm a total nerd for extensively researching the designer of my dress. This is the kind of history lesson that fascinates me though.

Here are a few interesting highlights of Oleg's Life and Career:
  • Oleg Cassini was born in Paris to a Count and Countess. The family moved to Italy after the Russian Revolution and his mother became a fashion designer there. He traveled with his mother and acquired a great sense of the fashion world which led to his enrollment in Academia Di Belle Arti where he studied fine art. He won numerous international fashion competitions and later moved to New York and finally to Hollywood.

  • He was a costume designer for Paramount Pictures. He was a designer for t.v., motion pictures, and broadway as well.

  • Jackie Kennedy chose Cassini to design her state wardrobe in the 60's. He designed approximately 300 outfits for her including the gown she wore to the inaugural ball in 1961. Women of all ages fell in love with her pillbox hats, boxy jackets, oversized buttons, and elegant geometric dresses. In my opinion, she is a total fashion icon. I am in love with her glamorous yet classy, polished look. Not to mention, she's gorgeous!

While researching Cassini, I stumbled upon some exciting information about my dress *the dress.* Alyssa Milano wore this exact dress when she guest starred on an episode of ABC's hit mystery drama "Castle" in January 2010.

The more I think about this dress, the more excited I get. I definately made the right decision!

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  1. Hi!!! Just found your blog!! :)

    That dress is beautiful!! Did you know that Grace Kelly dated Oleg Cassini for a bit? I found that interesting!


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