Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday Ebay Deals!

I'm a sale shopper for sure. I'm not a fan of paying full retail price for anything because I know in the back of my head that there's probably a coupon code out there somewhere waiting for me to use it. I've turned to ebay for a lot of my wedding-related purchases. Here are a few of my recent finds:
I found this beautiful pen on ebay for our Best Wishes/guestbook table. I love the antique pen base. It's much nicer looking in person. ($8.00 with shipping)
Same with the flower girl basket, much better looking in person. It's so girly and frilly. I think it will go perfect with her dress. ($14 with shipping)

I ordered this lovely garter from the UK (on ebay) as well. I bought two, one to toss and one to keep. ($8.00 for both with shipping) I think I'm going to add some blue lace to the bottom of one of them because I still need "something blue" and it will add a little extra something to my garter.

I also got a great deal on pink votive candles and clear glass votive holders on ebay. (50 votives and glass holders for $50) I'm going to add some lace to the votive holders so I'll post pictures once I get around to doing that. Can you tell I like lace? I'm adding lace to everything it seems. Oh well, at least I'm consistent.
We have just 5 months to go and we are starting to feel the crunch as each day passes by. It used to seem so far away but now it seems like time is starting to fly by! Once the holidays are over, I plan of tackling some more DIY projects and getting back into the swing of planning. So, i'll keep you all posted...
150 days until our wedding!!!


  1. you definitely know how to shop :)

    congrats on the wedding!! i'm off to find that pen. lol

  2. I totally agree when it comes to paying retail. I always google products, coupon codes, everything lol u got a good deal :)

  3. ooh, those are great for your wedding! I adore the feather pen!


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