Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Update: My Blinged Out "I DO" Heels

My Something Blue

Paris Hilton Destiny Heels
Well it's all coming together. I went for my first dress fitting last week and I picked it up from the seamstress this afternoon. I only needed one fitting and it was perfect. I bought a fun vintage reception/after party dress a few weeks ago, picked it up from the cleaners today only to leave it with my seamstress for a few minor adjustments. I'll post pictures of it as soon as I get it back. There was something that clicked in my head today when I picked up my dress and suddenly it all feels real to me. I'm getting excited!!!
68 more days!

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  1. What a cute idea!! Have you seen the flip flops that have the imprint on the bottom? When you put your sandals in the sand it leaves an "I Do" imprint. Too cute for a honeymoon!


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