Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Bridal Shower/ Birthday Weekend -Pic Heavy-

This past weekend was definitely one of the best weekends of my life. It was my birthday weekend (b-day was the 18th) and my bridal shower was on Sunday. My shower was held at a local winery and it couldn't have been more perfect of a day. Everything was beautiful, the food was delicious, and I was surrounded by an enormous amount of love all weekend!

All of the following pictures are clickable to enlarge.

To start of, here's my entrance: -carrying a case of toilet paper! You'll see why later

The beautifully decorated room:
The centerpieces were "wine fund" banks that were converted into vases and filled with flowers. I wrote a message on each table's "wine of the day" board.

The amazing dessert table.

If you click to enlarge, you will see the detailed cupcakes my cousin made-they were adorable!

I had a display shower. For those of you who are not familiar, guests bring unwrapped gifts and the gifts are recorded as you come in and then displayed on a table for guests to view at the end of the shower. It was actually nice to not have to open presents in front of everyone because it gave a lot more time to mingle and make my rounds from table to table.

The following pictures are of the display:

Our place settings and serving pieces

My "Little Black Apron" with pearls and all, wedding photo album, pillows, etc.

cake stand, coffee mugs, spice rack, Kitchen Aid mixer!, toaster, skillet, cutlery set, etc.

Notice everything is stainless steel!

Our monogrammed doormat and hand towels.

I adore these!

The head table, with all of my girls!
How awesome is this table?! I love all of the grapes hanging from the top and the huge (heavy) chairs! We all felt like princesses for a day.

One of the games was making a bridal gown out of toilet paper- SO much fun!!

At the end of the shower my fiance came and brought me flowers!

The day of the shower flew by so fast. I can only hope the wedding day doesn't fly by that fast! Thankfully, I have tons of pictures to look back on because the day is such a blur that you don't have time to absorb everything that is going on around you.

Saturday, my BFF/Maid of Honor came in from Philly. We got her dress fitted, did a little shopping, and went to a local bar for some drinks. The next day was the shower and then later that night, we hit the casino for my birthday! I'm still trying to catch up on sleep and it's already Wednesday!

I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately but as the wedding is fast approaching, I find myself with less and less free time. I'll do my best from now until then with posting. I have a couple of shopping hauls that I want to get up here look for that next!


  1. Oh, everything looks so beautiful!! I love the idea of having at a winery, very creative, I would have never thought of that! You look beautiful and looks like you got lots of good stuff, you'll probably need another place to store it all! haha.
    Also, I'm loving the cupcakes your cousin made for your shower, did she make them with the fondue as well?

    Happy Belated Birthday!! <3

  2. OH wow, looks like you had an amazing shower! Very big event!
    You looked great, you and your man are SO CUTE!

  3. looks like you had an awesome time. When are you getting married?



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