Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Vera Wang Style Christmas Trees

Don't they remind you of the classic Vera Wang Style wedding dress a little?
Kinda like this fun dress from her White collection.
I was inspired by a Pinterest pin to use the tissue paper but I had my own method of madness for creating it, so here it is:
I started out with this gaudy looking gold tree from the dollar store and stripped it of all it's tacky tinsel.

This is really all you will need: curling ribbon or string, scissors, a tree form- could be styrofoam, a paper plate folded into a cone shape, or this tree frame, and tissue paper (I used Coach tissue paper that I had left over from bags that I bought).

You need to make a bunch of these little tissue paper flowers.
You can watch a great tutorial here.
I'm a pro at making these from our wedding.

Then I tied the first row of flowers onto the form but you could also hot glue them like I did for the rest of the flowers.

About 20 flowers or so later, this is what you have.
I picked up a cluster of these silver glittery star picks at JoAnn Fabrics and added one to the top.

To make the smaller tree, I made the tree form out of a paper plate, stuffing the inside with tissue paper to make it more solid.
I got the paper plate idea from a Pinterest pin here.

So far, I've made three trees- two larger ones and one smaller tree.
They're so much fun to make. Each tree took about 2 hours to make though. The flowers are pretty time consuming but the rest of the project goes pretty quick!


  1. Those are SO NEAT!! Gorgeous creations haha, I love how they totally look like dresses.

  2. ohhh that is cool!! that would look nice as a centerpiece for a wedding reception too

  3. Love it all. Please take some time to check out

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  5. So freakin' cute!!! I love it! If only I could convince Hubs to buy into it.....


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