Monday, February 20, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I can't believe it's Monday already, the weekend flew by way too quickly! Actually, the weekend was a little busier than originally anticipated and I ended up getting dinner with my best friend on Saturday night; which was a really great surprise!
So here's what I have on the menu this week:
Pinned Image
Monday: Grilled Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken
Click Here for the Recipe
*this is carried over from last week because I ended up eating out on Saturday night*

 Tuesday: Italian Pasta & Bean Soup
Click Here for the Recipe

Wednesday: Chicken Marsala w/ Mashed Potatoes

Thursday: I'm out of town
Friday: Take-out night

Saturday: Chicken Skampi over Rice

Sunday: Beef Burritos


  1. YUM!!!! You come up with some great stuff, I need to get more creative in the kitchen.

  2. That grilled chicken dish is super yummy! A favorite in our household.

  3. yummy! such a good idea. I try to plan 5-7 meals ahead as well. I hate leaving meals to the last minute, unless I need to grab fast food.


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