Monday, September 24, 2012

Ella Pretty: Pops of Pink

Hi! I'm Ella from Ella Pretty - where I blog about Beauty, Fashion and Style. I'm so excited to write a guest post for Schnelle while she's off enjoying her time in California.

My post is about the onset of a surprising addiction - a love of all things hot pink! It started with this  sparkly necklace from H&M - I thought I could satisfy my craving with a hint of hot pink.
But I fell in love with the complexion-brightening effect and had to get more - so I went back to H&M for this gingham shirt:
It quickly became a summer staple - but it was not enough! I was captivated by the glossiness of these hot pink jelly sandals from Aeropostale - perfect for the beach.
I realized that my love affair with hot pink was not going to end with the summer - so I returned to H&M for this J.Crew/Tippi look-a-like sweater - definitely going to brighten up my fall!
And my final hot pink purchase is one I highly recommend - this gorgeous Revlon lipstick:
This lipstick is meant to be a more moisturizing dupe for MAC's Girl About Town. It goes on bright and stays on a LONG time. When it does fade, it leaves a very pretty stain. For daytime I like to dab it on and top with a gold gloss - so bright and flattering , and in the evening I wear it straight from the tube - it's definitely bright but easier to pull off than a full-on red.

Do you love hot pink? Have you been drawn to any surprising colors this season?


  1. Hey Ella I know exactly what you're talking about! My last blog is about this! I was attracted to blue this past month and now I have WAY too much.

  2. I love pink too! It's such a fun color! Love the sweater!

  3. It is so brightening! I think that's why everyone looks so great in it, I guess depending on the shade of course:)

  4. I just love that gingham shirt!


  5. This is a great color to love! Those revlon lipsticks are the best! I first fell in love with the lip butters and now starting to use their other lines.

  6. love the lipstick, what is the color number/name?

  7. Even though pink is a favorite of mine, I have surprisingly little in my wardrobe! That's something I'll have to remedy, lol. Great post!


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