Monday, January 27, 2014

Monthly Milestones: 11 Months

Where did this year go? Seriously. I cannot believe that it was one year ago today that I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of this little love bug. 

Tomorrow is Aubrey's 1st Birthday and I am so overcome by emotions right now as I type this. I love watching her grow and learn new things and develop the adorable little personality that has but at the same time I just want to freeze time and cry when I realize that my "baby" is going to be a toddler tomorrow. I know that there are so many new, fun, and exciting things ahead but this past year has been so amazing and I'm just not ready to let go just yet. 
It's bittersweet.

We're having a little birthday celebration tomorrow with some cake and then her big birthday party is this Saturday. It was actually supposed to be this past Saturday but Aubrey has been sick and is just starting to feel better today, I just started antibiotics for a sinus infection, my husband was sick the week before with bronchitis, and we ended up getting a snow storm so we had to cancel. I have a feeling that this little girl is going to have many more snowy birthdays in her future too.
Month 11
Weight & Length: about 21 lbs., approximately 30 inches 
Clothing Size: 12-18 months and some 9 month onsies, strangely enough
Diaper Size: Size 3
Sleep: You were SSTN until your started cutting some more teeth, then right after that you got sick- for your first time. You were up all throughout the night for about 3-4 nights because you were running a fever one night and the other nights you were so congested with a runny/stuffy nose and a little cough that kept you awake. Now that you're on the mend you're back to sleeping right through the night. You've been waking up around 5:30am though so I feed you and you go back to sleep until 7 or 8. 
Feeding: She is now eating everything that we eat (mashed or cut into tint pieces). Still loving her puffs. Bananas and sweet potatoes are her favorite. 3 weeks into her 11th month we mixed some cow's milk into her sippy and she didn't even notice, then we tried giving her a bottle with just cow's milk and she spit it all out so we're mixing her bottles with half and half for now and gradually transitioning to all cow's milk. Speaking of sippys, Aubrey is fully converted- no more bottles! She didn't even put up a fight about it and I don't think she misses them at all so I guess the timing was right and she was ready, I probably got lucky too;)
Hair Color: Medium brown with a golden hue. Little curls in the back!
Eye Color: hazel
Milestones & Firsts: She is waving bye bye all the time now. She thinks it's so funny when she holds her hands over her eyes to play peek a boo and she loves going in her tent to hide- she'll wait for you to come looking for her and crack up laughing when you find her. 2 more teeth on the top. She claps her hands all the time which is so adorable. She even knows when to clap at the end of a song or story. She can stand all by herself for a few moments now I think it's just a matter of her getting the confidence to take the steps by herself. She is walking really well and going a long distance with her push walker so I know that it's going to happen any day now...
Nicknames: Aubster, Aubs, Lobster

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  1. I cannot believe she's one already! Your pictures on IG were darling... that first birthday cake is so much fun!


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