Monday, November 15, 2010

F21 Haul & Gift Idea for the Man in your life

I went to my favorite mall this weekend- King of Prussia and I had the worst luck. A lot of the stores on the first level were closed due to water damage, so that eliminated a lot of stores that I wanted to visit. Steve Madden didn't have the heels that I wanted to try on, and Tiffany's closes early on Saturday so I couldn't buy the bracelet that I've been wanting. Forver 21 was so packed that it was hard to even move in there so I didn't get too much.
Forever 21 Pajamas

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 bobby pins

MAC Studio Fix NC25 (Yes, I'm that pale and in desperate need of a tan!)

Now for the men in our lives... My fiance is a bit of a shaving snob and one of his favorite stores is The Art of Shaving. He uses a straight razor to shave, he has a set routine, and certain products that he uses in a certain order. One of his favorite items is the pre-shave oil (this one is lavendar scented).
He's never tried this Alum Block before but he has read about it and he really wants one so I bought it.
The directions say "After shaving, moisten the stone with cold water and rub gently on the face. For minor cuts: Moisten the stone with cold water and place stone over the cut for a tightening sensation that leaves your skin feeling comfortable." The Art of Shaving products aren't cheap by any means but they are superior shaving products according to my fiance. If your man likes to keep is appearance nice and neat, you may want to treat him to something like this for Christmas. Just an idea; I know how hard men are to shop for!


  1. I know, when I went in October there was water damage and I was talking to the cashier at Charlotte Russe and they said that they've been under water damage for a while now! She told me that it wasn't even from a major storm it just happened, and the downstairs food court was literally filled with water, and Charlotte Russe had water to their ankles she told me and that they were closing soon because of mold growing... How awful though? A whole road trip and it was wasted, atleast mine was..You would think with Christmas coming that they would have had it done by now... Great stuff though!

  2. I was just at the KOP mall too and was disappointed! Last weekend I went to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets though, and I think they will become my new favorite place to shop!

  3. Haha, I know I've been contemplating creating an Etsy account. Maybe soon. But thanks for the compliment!


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