Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday (a day early): Our Venue

We knew from the very beginning of our wedding planning that we wanted a venue that could host both our ceremony and reception. We also wanted a place that reflected our personal sense of style. We visited a handful of venues before coming across "The One." This was exactly what we were looking for. This building was completely remodeled a year and a half ago so everything is brand new and super modern. I wish I would have taken more pictures inside but I was so busy taking it all in that I forgot. When we go back for our tasting, I will try to get some pictures of the inside.
(entrance- LOVE the stone work!)

(side entrance)
Marble gazebo that we were going to get married under
but instead we opted to just use it for pictures
(you'll see why in a second)
(top of gazebo)

(waterfall next to gazebo- not running at the time the pic. was taken)

This is why we opted to not get married under the gazebo. As beautiful as this aisle is, it is not going to work too well with the heels that I plan on wearing. I'm accident prone as it is, so that would just be asking for a disaster.

(where the DJ will be set up for the ceremony)

(view of waterfall from deck)

(patio bar on deck)

(more of the deck)
So, you're probably wondering where we are having our ceremony. We're having the ceremony on the deck! All of these tables and chairs will be cleared away and we will have our own chairs set up to create an aisle. At the end of the aisle, will be an arbor. The arbor from my backyard (pictured here). The arbor has tremendous sentimential value to me as my grandfather built it and he has now passed away. I have been so upset at the idea of him not being at my wedding so it makes perfect sense to have a part of him there at the most important part of our wedding day.

What kind of sentimential things are you planning to/did you work into your wedding day?


  1. Oh girl, first of all I love that you are using the arbor in your wedding. That is just precious. Second, your venue is AMAZING. I am literally speechless just looking at these pictures. It's so perfect!

  2. Ohhh, I love Bentley's. I think this place will be perfect for your ceremony and reception. It looks beautiful girl!

  3. the place from the outside looks amazing. it looks perfect. i know you must be very exciting and anxious for your wedding

  4. ooooh wow...this place looks wonderful! I think it'll be perfect for your wedding!!!!! ^^
    kiss kiss
    LiDì from Italy


  5. Bentley's sounds like a really nice and elegant wedding venue. It looks like you are completely happy with it - which is the best reason to go there! Enjoy the wedding prep! It might be stressful, but once its over its over!


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