Sunday, January 9, 2011

DIY Wedding Project- Lace Votive Holders

I love lace, pearls, and all things feminine and girly. I couldn't possibly have plain, old, boring glass votive holders. I saw this picture on Martha Stewart Weddings and I fell in love with the soft, romantic feel of these lace-wrapped candles.
So, I got to work and wrapped all of my votives holders in lace. I used two different kinds of lace as you can see here. Look at that naked glass holder, how dull, right?

Here's what I did:
First: Measure around the votive to determine how much lace you will need for each and cut all of the strips. I hot glued the thinner lace strips on, using super thin strips of glue. Then I sealed the ends with hot glue on top so the lace can't peel back. You can't see the glue at all unless you are really looking for it. I used three strips of thin lace on each votive holder.

For the thicker lace, I used AC Moore brand Tacky Glue. Most craft stores have their own brand. I found that this worked better on this particular lace pattern because there was a lot of "open space" and the hot glue showed through. This tacky glue is great because it goes on white (like Elmer's glue) and dries completely clear.
The end result:

Of course, I bought pink unscented votives. A wedding planner advised us to make sure all of the candles are unscented as some people may have allergies/issues.

These votives will be on our tables, circling around out centerpieces. I'll post pictures of a mock table as soon as I figure out exactly what it's going to look like.

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  1. Love these! Would you mind telling me where you bought the lace? So pretty!


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