Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Wedding Day: All the Small Things Part 1

Our professional pictures are in! I'm going to seperate all of the details into 3 different parts. Part 1 will be getting ready, Part 2 will be the ceremony, and part 3 will be the reception. All of these photos were taken by our extremely talented, amazing photographer, Nicole, owner of Custom by Nicole Photography. my hair

a peek into the bridal suite
Viva La Juicy & my clutch

peaking into the guys VIP room

their boutoneirres, pink for the groom of course!

my gown and my party dress


our bouquets

i love bow ties!

the girl's beautiful dresses & custom hangers

Next up....Part 2: The Ceremony


  1. Oh my! Everything looks so beautiful. I love all the little details you threw in there. Especially the hangers. What a cute idea. And I LOVE the brides maids dresses.. so cute!

  2. WOW .. those pictures are simply STUNNING. I love the photographers style. These pics could be in magazine easy! I love the idea of taking a pic of the perfume you wore. Can't wait for the rest of the photos!


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