Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back from Italia!

I'm happy to be back in the states but I'm really missing Italia too. We had an amazing time, we saw some of the most beautiful breath-taking sights imaginable, learned a lot, ate a ton, and experienced some of the most incredible things that life can offer. We started off in northern Italy and worked our way down to the tip of the boot, so we saw everything; well just about everything. I took a ton of pictures so I figured the best way to document this would be to break it up city by city.

So here it goes, first stop: Verona- The City of Love!
Entryway to "Juliet's Balcony"
"Juliet's Balcony"
This is the balcony that was supposed to be the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. There were two feuding families in the town of Verona who shared a likeness to the characters in Romeo & Juliet and so, this balcony is the closest to the balcony depicted in the story. We were fortunate enough to actually witness a marriage proposal in the balcony while we were there. It was so romantic and incredibly sweet. People scribble their names and love messages all over the walls leading into the balcony, there are locks enscribed with lover's names adorning the gates, and people flock to the the statue of Juliet outside of the balcony to rub her breast as it is supposed to bring love.

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