Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Wedding Day: The Ceremony Part 2

 Lots of hard work went into those bubbles.
I hot glued pink ribbon around each bottle and tied it off with a bow around the neck.
I know it's traditionally a Jewish custom for both parent's to walk down the aisle but while, I am not Jewish I still opted for this structure because my mom has been there for me just as much, if not more, than my father so I think mothers deserve the special privilege. My husband was also escorted down the ailse by both of his parents. Both my husband and myself were raised Catholic but we had a non-denominational ceremony which better suited our beliefs and in general, just made more sense to us.

 We were married under the arbor that my late grandfather built with his hands. I was very close to him so this was extremely sentimental and important to me.

(all images via Custom by Nicole)

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  1. WHERE WAS THIS?? Most beautiful ceremony EVER! WOW!!! I love everything about it .. your dress, your gorgeous bridesmaids, and the arbour that your grandpa built - how amazing!


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