Thursday, September 8, 2011

State of Emergency

Well here I am, stuck in the Poconos while my husband is at home and our home is flooding. So far, it's just the basement. I was supposed to travel home this afternoon but as conditions worsened, bridges and roads began closing and I had no way to get home. Please keep the people of Pennsylvania in your thoughts and prayers as we tackle this disaster. The Agnes Flood wiped the area out in 1972 but this disaster seems to be more damaging than that in 72'. Here are some photos of the area around my house from the local news channel:
I live the the other side of this bridge. I cannot believe the devistation just a few hundred feet from my house.

Northeastern Pennsylvania


  1. That's awful! I hope your house isn't filled up anymore. I seen that it's only gotten worse since yesterday. I haven't spoke to my family, but my fiance's family said it's insane in Wilkes Barre. I just feel awful. We were going to come home this weekend to make sure everyone is ok but unfortunately we are stuck here, and can't make it home. I hope you make it out of the poconos safely, I'll be thinking of you guys! ♥

  2. Wow! Thoughts and prayers to the families out there! So glad your home is okay!



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