Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camera Roll

Going to see DMB!
Revlon -Siren
The weather has been so crappy so some bright nail polish was completely necessary to brighten things up.
Missoni- Target
Funny little story: I went into the fitting room with 2 tops and left with 3. The 2 that I brought in were no good but someone left this one behind and that is just what I ended up buying.
This is a OOTD from earlier in the week. I just realized that this is pretty much an advertisement for Old Navy.
Cardi, Polka Dot Top, Black Skinnies- Old Navy
Bracelet- Body Central
Shoes- Rampage
Goody Double Wear Headbands/Necklaces -Silver & Gold -Target
I doubt I'll wear these as necklaces but I thought they would be great headbands.
Spent some time realxing today with Glamour.


  1. cute goodies! i love that polka dot top, i need to get one!

  2. Love the Old Navy outfit, and those Rampage shoes are fabulous. We're seeing DMB in June in San Diego! So excited. :)

  3. Your polka dot outfit is so cute! I love how it matches your phone case :) I've never seen those headbands before but they look awesome.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Love that bright color on your nails! My favorite these days is between essie's tart deco and minty green apple! Cheers me up on those gloomy days!

  5. I am so jealous you got to go to Dave Matthews! Love the polka dot outfit :)

  6. Love your blog! You have adorable style. And that pink and polka dot outfit is too cute!


  7. I have this Glamour!! I love LC's frilly skivvies :) She's such a cutie.

  8. jealous you're going to see dave matthews band!

  9. love the nail polish and your old navy outfit! so cute!

  10. The orange nail polish is fabulous... did you wear it with the purple top? They would look wonderful together! Love the pink with polkadots too!!

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    Catherine x


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