Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Things are Happening Part I

We are just a few short weeks away from vacation #1 and I couldn't be more excited. My husband and I along with my parents, 2 brothers, and my brother's girlfriend are headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a week at the beach. 
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Seacrets- one of my all time favorite places.
They have the best food and the best frozen drinks (Rum Runners, Pina Coladas, and my personal favorite- the Pain in de Ass which is a combo of the two drinks. They also have the best atmosphere- palm trees, sand, and Jamaican music- not to mention  the tables and rafts in the water where you can tan and have your drinks served to you all day long. Then at night it turns into a night club. They don't call this place Jamaica USA for nothing, you truly don't feel like you are in the US anymore once you set foot in this sand.

I can't wait to get my hands on a bucket of Thrasher's fries either. My husband (boyfriend, at the time) introduced me to these on our first trip to Ocean City back in 2004 and the rest is history. I was skeptical at first at the thought of pouring a bunch of salt and apple cider vinegar on fries (no ketchup? really?!) but oh my goodness they are so delish!
File:Ocean City Maryland aerial view north.jpg
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For those of you who aren't familiar with Ocean City, MD it's a long peninsula, kind of like an island. The walk from the ocean side to the bay side only takes like 5-10 minutes, that's how skinny it is. We have gone there every year since we have been together but this year we convinced my family to come along too.

Then when we get back from Ocean City, we have another trip to look forward to. For the first time ever- we are going to be on the West Coast.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA via google images

We'll be staying in San Fran. for a few days, visiting family in Santa Rosa, and then driving along the coast to hit Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, San Simeon, and maybe San Jose if we have time.

So yea, big things are happening in our lives- last year we crossed Italy off of our bucket list, this year California will be crossed off the list, and in 2013 another big life event will be coming along our way. Remember this post when I said that I had a big announcement?
Well, I've kept you waiting long enough so it's coming -tomorrow-!


  1. I love fries with vinegar - first tried them in pubs in good on a summer day with a glass of Coke.

    Now I can't wait until tomorrow - I want to know already!

  2. I want those fries lol! They look so good!

    What a fun Summer you have planned! You guys are going to have an amazing time :)

  3. Oh my hell! I'm cursing out loud because I can't handle suspense!! ;) looks like two great getaways!!

  4. I am insanely jealous of your current locale - I haven't been to Ocean City in years, but it was always a blast. Have a great time and drink a piña colada for me!


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