Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE Outfit & NYD Shopping Finds

As I mentioned in a previous post, we stayed in this NYE and had a relaxing night. I still wanted to dress up a bit and feel a bit special for the holiday but my wardrobe is pretty limited so my outfit is pretty boring but it did have a hint of sparkle and that's what matters, right? We had dinner at my in-law's house, which was delicious and then we headed home to relax. My husband had to be up super early for work that day so he fell asleep around 11 but I turned on the tv at 5 minutes before the ball dropped and we watched it together.

Tunic/Dress- Burlington
Leggings- Strawberry's
Flower Flats- Dr. Scholl's
Bracelets- Body Central (I think)

Holy BUMP!

My husband calls this my Michael Jackson top because of the jeweled shoulders and shoulder pads. 
I ventured out on New Year's Day for a little shopping. I needed to pick up a few last minute things from the registry, like the bath tub, humidifier, and a few other odds and ends. I hit some Christmas sales too which was exciting!

Look what I found in Macy's! I have to get her one but I can't decide which color I like better because I  love them both. Have I mentioned that I'm extremely indecisive now that I'm pregnant?

Now on to the after Christmas sales...
I picked this little tree up at Michael's. It was originally $15 and I got it for $3!

This pre-lit mini tree is from Michael's as well. It was $25, I picked it up for $7.50!
The ornaments are all from WalMart. They were 50 cents each!
I've always adored these fun, colorful ornaments but I never let myself buy them because they don't match any of my other Christmas decor but I went for it this year because I thought it would make the perfect tree for our little girl's room next year. That's right, she's not even here yet and she has her own holiday decorations!
Then I went to Target and found these super comfy flannel boxers that were originally $10 but I paid just $3 each. I love the patterns and colors and they're so soft too.

Do you shop the after Christmas sales for new decorations too?


  1. Your NYE top is super cute! You are such a cute prego girl! Great finds on New Years day. I don't usually do a bunch of post-Christmas shopping but if I find a good deal too good to pass up I'll bite! =) Happy New Year to you!

  2. You look amazing! I love your bump, too cute!

  3. Awww - the MJackson top is too cute LOL! I've been seriously tempted by the seasonal decor now too - 70% off! But as I said on my blog, I'm a bit shopped out - I'm more in organizing and decorating mode!

    Love the sailor dresses - if I were you, I'd get one of each but in different sizes. And if you only pick one - I'd get the navy because stains don't show up as easily :-)

  4. I love that top! I keep trying to hunt for something similar because I love a good embellishment, but so far no luck!

    I also love the little sailor dresses. I wore one when I was a little girl :) My mom has tons of pictures of me wearing it. Very cute finds!

  5. You look beautiful! You can barely tell your preggers from the first picture until you turn to the side! I wish I was that way with my kids!

  6. You look so tiny and then bam a bump! You can hardly tell you're pregnant! You look great! :D You know I love that Christmas tree, it's adorable. I didn't do much after christmas shopping, I did pick up new ornaments for our white tree, I'm going with a different theme next year, but that's about it. I love your pj bottoms as well!

  7. Congrats! baby clothes are sooo adorable.



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