Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recent Spring/Summer Purchases

So there's a little gem of a store that I discovered re-discovered with a great selection of spring/summer pieces--- and guess what? They're all marked at a great price point too! I never think to go to JCPenny when I'm at the mall but after getting a catalog of current trends in the mail, I decided that I needed to make a trip there to check things out.

I didn't pick up any clothing items but I did get some flats, sandals, and earrings. I should also mention that they have several JCrew-esque necklaces (including the bubble necklace) for $20 and up too. Unfortunately, I had to refrain from buying any because those types of necklaces just aren't practical with a little one that is always tugging on everything in sight but one day, one day, I'll get reacquainted with my beloved statement necklaces.

So here's what I picked up...

...and here are some of my top picks from the catalog.

Disclaimer: I was in no way, shape, or form compensated for this post. This post contains nothing other than my own personal opinion. I am not affiliated with JCP in any way. I chose to publish this post for the sole purpose of informing my readers of some current items that I adore. Simple as that.


  1. I look on their website all the time and the new line Joe Fresh has some really cute clothes! The shoes have also been so close to Zara...I think it's great! I was a little sad that my JCP doesn't carry any of the brands that I wanted to actually see :(

  2. Wow, I haven't been into a JCP in ages! Maybe I need to re-discover too. I thought I heard something about the store carrying Joe Fresh now too?


  3. those shoes are so fun! great picks!


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