Sunday, May 19, 2013

Classic B&W

We had a memorial service to attend this weekend. While it wasn't an event where fashion was a factor, it was an event that required me to wear something other than my usual yoga pants & a t-shirt. So, in other words I have an outfit to post that was picture worthy. I couldn't decide what shoes to wear so I just wore both. 
Just kidding!
I ended up going with the nude heels.
Sweater- New York & Co. (Last year)
Skirt- The Limited (old)
Heels- Rampage 


  1. Love the skirt. Would have been too funny if you'd actually worn the mismatched shoes LOL! Everyone would think it's the latest trend ;-P

    1. Don't laugh, I actually did that once. I drove the work and didn't realize until I was stepping out of the car. I had to walk into work and tell my boss that I needed to go back home to get the matching shoe... embarrassing! Thankfully, I lived 10 minutes away.

  2. Pretty dress! I always love nude shoes with black dresses.

  3. So inspiring,doll!Keep rocking;-)


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