Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Memorial Day Weekend

The temperatures warmed up this weekend- finally and now as I type this tonight they are back in the 60's. We made the most of the long weekend and packed in as much fun as we could.

Friday morning Aubrey and I ran some errands and hit some yard sales. Does anyone else love doing this? You never know what you're going to find and it's so much fun searching for one of a kind items or items that inspire projects. I'm all about the shabby chic and French provincial look so I'm always on the hunt for stuff like that.
Shirt- Gap
Jeans- F21 (old)
Sandals- Old Navy (last season)
On Saturday I snuck out for the afternoon and did a little shopping and returning at the mall. I picked up a few supplies for the shop, hit the Baby Gap and Toys r Us for a few things, and got my rings inspected and cleaned at the jewelers. It was kind of nice to run errands without having to constantly strap and unstrap a child 80 times.

When I got back we went to the park at my old elementary school. It used to be such a fun park but they aren't really keeping up with it and maintaing it. The grounds are all maintained but the "Big Toy" needs some TLC. It's so sad to see it going to waste because I have so many childhood memories there.
Aubrey had a blast running through the park and climbing through these tunnels. 

Oh yea.... flashback to the 21st which was our 3 year anniversary! Mike surprised us with a beautiful flower arrangement. I couldn't imagine who was at the door so he really got me good! Aubrey loved the flowers so much that she shared her cheerios with them. We left Aubrey with my mom (2nd time leaving her for a night out) and had a dinner date night out.

On Sunday, we had a relaxing morning and made french toast which Aubrey loved. Then we headed over to Mike's parent's house for a cookout.

She had the most adorable little blue peplum top on from the Baby Gap with her red and white striped Juicy leggings. I knew I should've taken pictures before we left the house but as always, it was a rush out the door and I didn't. Anyway, she spilled an entire glass of water all over herself. I packed extra pants and a hoodie but it was too warm for a hoodie so I had to resort to the emergency outfit that I keep in the car at all times.... the same outfit that I have forgotten to change out for months now. Poor kid had to squeeze into a 9 month old outfit to finish out the day before putting on her pjs. Surprisingly, it fit and it wasn't that tight but the pants were definitely capris on her. Mom of the year award, right here.

Monday was beautiful outside. We took full advantage of the water table that I picked up on Saturday. It was a huge hit to say the least. I'm pretty sure this is going to keep us busy all summer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Our weekend was so busy and filled with fun events. We lived in the moment and unfortunately that means we didn't get a lot of pictures but here are a few that I did manage to snap in between all of the running around.

We started our Saturday off with my best friend's college graduation party at this adorable little cafe near our new home. I am obsessed with this place- it's a cute, cozy art gallery and cafe that serves fresh, homemade, organic foods. Aubrey had a blast socializing, she's such a social butterfly. She even made a new friend- there was a little girl there that was the same age as her and it was so adorable to watch them interact with one another.
She finally got to wear this outfit that I've had sitting in her closet for about a year now. I found it in a boutique last summer and this was the last size left so I bought it hoping it would fit her this summer and I got lucky!
It's one of my favorite outfits on her, hands down.

I wore my go-to navy J. Crew dress. It's such a perfect dress that can be dressed up or down and it's light and airy- so perfect for the hot weather that we had this weekend (finally). It hit 80 here and I couldn't be happier. 

Tommy Hilfiger metallic gold flip flops, Steve Madden wedges

I wore the wedges to the party and switched them out for flip flops afterwards when we took a walk.

On Mother's Day I started my day off at 9 am. I slept in for the first time in a year and a half almost. I never had the opportunity to do this since Aubrey was born because of pumping or nursing. Then we had brunch at my grandmother's house which was so delicious and so much fun. It was another hot day so I happily broke out my new shorts to wear.

J. Crew shorts, Target tank

Aubrey needed a nap after brunch so we went to town with my parents and took a walk, browsed through a few stores, and grabbed some coffee while sleeping beauty rested. When she woke up we walked to the park and she checked out the slide and the water fountain, which was a big hit.

Mike and Aubrey surprised me with a beautiful card and an orchid. My mom bought me a huge peony plant (my favorite flower) and my grandmother gifted me some tulips and mums. I had a bunch of peony plants sitting around that I bought a few days ago too so I spent the rest of the afternoon putting them in the ground. I have to say, this gardening/landscaping thing is not for me. I  can't wait to be done with it all but I know that is not going to be a reality for a really long time. We have lots of work ahead of us outside and we have lots of plans and ideas but actually making them happen is another story. I think I'm going to leave the rest of the outdoor stuff to my husband and I'll take care of the inside. haha joking, not joking.

It was a pretty busy weekend but at the same time it was nice and relaxing and very refreshing too. It was so nice to catch up with family and friends that I haven't seen in a while, enjoy the company and live in the moment.
I hope all of you mommas enjoyed your day too. It's still so crazy to me that I am a mom and that I'm now a part of this day but I wouldn't trade it for the world. There are no words to describe just how much I love this little girl and being her mommy is the biggest blessing. ever.

Monday, May 5, 2014


This weekend was a weekend full of errands. It was non stop shopping which sounds like a lot of fun but in reality it wasn't so much fun because I needed to find a bunch of gifts for upcoming events and occasions with a toddler in tow. Figuring out what to gift someone is hard enough but then you throw and antsy little lady into the mix that wants to touch everything that is breakable, eat a few snacks out of her snack trap, spill it all over the floor, have a sip of water, throw the sippy cup, scream a little, laugh a little... and repeat, getting a gift soon turns into an episode of the Amazing Race (aka race to find what you need and move onto the next asap).

I did manage to get all of the items checked off of my to-do list though and we made it out alive. I even picked up a few things for myself including this lobster beach bag at TJ Maxx (which is enormous by the way) and a pair of metallic gold flip flops.

Aubrey got her first Olivia book and is obsessed with it. She has made me read it to her 2x in a row multiple times now. Pretty adorable who she is showing preferences to things now.

Then there's the tale of two benches... I really want a bench for our front entryway. I pictured a pretty table there when we saw the model home but for practicality purposes I think the bench is the way to go. I can't decide exactly what I want but I found two candidates:

This is the style that I pictured getting and while I love everything about it, I'm afraid this material against my BM Revere Pewter walls will be too drab. Maybe more of a creamy color would be better? 

Then there's the natural wood look... I surprised myself with this one because I tend to like darker wood but I really liked this style and I actually like the wood grain.

What do you think?  
We took on a huge project- a little landscaping is in the works. We finally planted some grass. Our excavator left us with quite the mess but that's a whole story in itself. We had to get rid of a lot of rocks and prep the ground before we could plant so this project is going to take us forever probably.

Aubrey is really adjusting to country life. haha She sat on these hay bales for at least 20 minutes playing with the hay, pulling it out, and handing me individual pieces of it. She was fascinated to say the least. This was a real test to her allergies and she passed with flying colors- no sneezes or sniffles at all.

I finally planted some flowers in the ground too! I have 4 peony plants and a hydrengea in the ground that I am hoping survive the crazy cold nights that we are still having here. I don't have a green thumb at all and I'm not a huge fan of gardening either so *fingers crossed* that all is well because I can't wait to make some cuttings and bring those beauties inside.

Have you started "spring cleaning" outside?