Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recent Shopping

Get ready...
for the most exciting purchases of my haul- momma and mini sunglasses!
Momma's - Oscar de la Renta
Mini- Baby Gap

My husband never shops for clothes. Apparently, I took on that job a few years ago which I don't mind. I actually kind of like shopping for guys clothes and he loved everything I picked out so that was a bonus! Old Navy is killing it in the men's department. They've been killing it in the women's department for a long time in my book but this last trip I didn't find anything for myself.

I walked out of there with a full bag of clothes, so heavy that the bag started ripping (probably from the khakis shorts) for a little over $100. Not too bad, at all.

I popped into Charlotte Russe just to see what they had what all the young ones are wearing out these days. I realized while browsing their racks that I have really grown up. A lot. I couldn't even concentrate on the styles because I couldn't get past the extremely cheap looking polyester that exploded all over that store. I wore that stuff and I loved that store and their sky high heels and platforms and there I was totally appalled at the fabric. Wow. Times have changed.

This next haul is from about a month ago because I've been that good at updating this blog.
As I was saying, times have changed and now my default store is J. Crew. So here we go...
Let me just start off by saying that I have yet to find a maxi dress that fits me because I'm 5'2'' so when I saw these maxi dresses that convert into a maxi skirt -and they fit me just right- I was sold, so much so that I bought 2! I tend to do that when I find something I really like. Am I the only crazy person who does this?

I love this print but what really got me about this shirt was the back:

This photo doesn't capture how pretty it looks in person but trust me, its gorgeous. 

Lastly, I leave you with a basic striped top. I swear, I never leave J. Crew without buying a striped top and my closet can prove it as you can see here:

I want to get to a closet tour/room tour/house tour but like I told you, I'm still trying to complete rooms so those tours are TBA for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Weekend

Our weekend got off to a great start on Friday afternoon- after work my parent's made the last minute decision to take the boat out so my brothers, Aubrey, and I happily tagged along. It was a nice warm summer night so it was so nice to be out and it was so peaceful too. Mike was on his way home from work and passes by the lake so he was able to join us too which was exciting.

Aubrey loves the boat! Growing up, my parents always had a boat so my brothers and I spent our summers on the water and I'm beyond thrilled that this little one will have the same kind of summer fun. She wasn't a fan of her life jacket at first but then I couldn't get her to take it off. Speaking of which- this is the girl who has boycotted all accessories (except bracelets)... hair clips, headbands, sunglasses, you name it! She is making a turn-around though, she refused to let me take off these sunglasses so she fell asleep in the car ride home with them on. Every single time we leave the house she wants to wear her sunnies and be just like mommy; I've even snuck a hair clip or two. Progress!

Holy Cannoli! She devoured this cannoli and I couldn't be more proud. Cannolis have been my favorite since I was little. I even asked for cannolis instead of a birthday cake when I was a kid, what kid does that? Anyway, she seems to have the same feeling toward cannolis so I guess that means we'll have to start planning a trip back to Sicily with her. Don't pull my arm or anything....

Saturday was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I met my best friend for lunch and we got Mexican. Oh how I love a good authentic Mexican restaurant. I'm pretty sure I made a complete pig out of myself when I was inhaling the warm chips and salsa they give you while you wait. We don't get to see each other that much because life has been so crazy for the both of us so it was so nice to catch up and SO nice to have some adult conversation.

My BFF (yes, I still use that term and I probably always will) is expecting in October so we took a trip to Babies R Us to work on her registry, picked up her invites, and gathered all of the materials she needs to liven up the envelopes.

I left the house early on Saturday so I could sneak in some shopping before meeting up with her though. Can I just tell you how much I love shopping alone? It's amazing, refreshing, relaxing, and also completely frustrating. I took the baby seat out, took the SUV, and was fully ready to load it up to maximum capacity with all things home-related. You know how this is going to end, right? When you're looking for something/have the space to get it home/want to finish decorating even a single room in your house - you can't find a thing you freaking like!

I made a few stops in the mall too and I'll share that haul with you later this week. For now, you can check out that lovely i-Phone photo of clothes dumped out on my bed.

No baby seat? So weird. 
I found a bench in TJ Maxx last week but I had no way to fit it in the SUV because of the baby seat. I had a feeling it would be gone by the time I went back for it, and I was right but I was hopeful that I'd find a good replacement. I did find another bench- thankfully- but that is all I found!

I've been searching high and low for decor items to finish up some rooms in this house, hell I'd be happy to even finish just one room! I might be a little too picky but I have a vision in my head and I'm not settling and so here were are with a bunch of naked walls.
This bench is clearly Aubrey approved.

Sunday was a day of cleaning, organizing, and grocery shopping aka back to reality!

Monday, has really set the stage for the week too because poor little girl woke up with a fever and here I am typing this on Tuesday morning at 8:50 am and she is still asleep. This little firecracker is always up at 7am on the dot so I know that she's not feeling well. She's cutting an eye tooth (such a strange name, btw) and I was thinking that was the cause of the fever but she's never been like this when cutting a tooth so I'm thinking a trip to the doctor may be in order soon.

Wish us luck for a speedy recovery because this weekend is jam-packed, yet again and we need to be ready!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Weekend

On Saturday....
We visited the Mill Market to pickup some fresh produce locally made dairy products. It's our new grocery hot spot because everything they sell is fresh, organic, and locally grown/made.

We stopped for ice cream by the lake. Aubrey and I shared this Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie ice creme. It was SO delicious!

Then we stopped by the lake to dip our feet in and see what Aubrey thought of it. 

...turns out she loved it and we couldn't get her out of the water! She was soaked by the time we left so we had to strip her down to a diaper and head home after that. We're going to make a day of it next weekend though and take her to the beach area of the lake. She is going to love it and I can't wait for next weekend already.

We stopped at a local winery along the way too where we picked up so wine to cook with. 

Some of the butter, cheeses, bread, and arugula pesto we picked up. We also found PB2! I'm so excited to try it out because I've read such great things about it. It has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter and its in a powder form so it's really easy to add to a shake.

I bought some fresh mozzarella to have with our first ripe tomato from our little garden.

Sunday was a lazy day. Aubrey kept us up all night on Saturday. She's going through some major separation anxiety when it comes to nap time and bedtime. She woke up at 2 am, I was able to get her back to sleep pretty quickly but then she was back up at 4 am! I finally gave in at that point and brought her into our bed because I was so exhausted. She was restless for a little bit and then finally settled down until about 6:30- then she was up for the day.

It's been so rough getting her to sleep. I hate letting her cry and I really thought we were finally past the sleep training thing so this really sucks. Sometimes I end up laying next to her crib on the floor just to get her to calm down, lay down, and relax.

Have any of you experienced this during the toddler years? 

Passed out watching Frozen for the 989th time way before her normal nap time. 

After her impromptu nap was over we hit the road and headed to my in-law's for a birthday party. Aubrey had a ton of fun playing with her cousin so she slept well Sunday night, thankfully! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Fourth

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?

We hosted our first outdoor party at our house this weekend. It went so well that I think it's safe to say that our place will be "the" place to be next year.
I finally got her to keep her sunnies on! This is a huge step in the right direction!
We spent all day Friday and most of Saturday morning working on getting things ready outside. We have SO much work to still accomplish outside and so many plans but not enough time to get it all done. We have so much property to maintain now so many exciting plans for it too. We are so used to a teeny tiny strip of lawn that we had when we lived in our double block so this is like going from one extreme to the next.
We still have lots of grass to plant and lots of landscaping but here is the start of our fire pit. This is something that I knew I wanted from the beginning.

We recessed it into the ground but we want to make it a bit higher and eventually add stone seating around it. Although it isn't finished, it served its purpose on Saturday night and there were lots of laughs, lots of memories made, lots of s'mores, and the Corona's with lime were flowing. 

This is Aubrey's little area of the yard. It's the shadiest part of the yard so it's a nice retreat on a hot summer day. We'll be adding a swing set and some hammocks to this area in the next year or so too.

When you live in the woods you better have lots of citronella on hand if you plan on staying out on a hot summer night. I found this adorable lantern at Ikea and the candle next to it is from Walmart it's a citronella but it smells like cedar wood which I thought was amazing because I really don't love the smell of citronella.

This right here is what happens when you let guys go shopping...
My husband texted me this photo from the store and I nearly died. This is what happens when your fire obsessed husband, brothers, and dad go shopping for the 4th. Insanity happens. Everyone in the store was laughing and pointing at them and rightfully so because this is just madness. Who does this?

Aubrey anticipating the big firework display in the backyard. 
Aubrey loved the fireworks last year so I figured she would love them this year. Well, not so much. She loved watching them but could do without the sound so we sat inside and watched the 2 1/2 hour long firework display from the second story sitting room. I didn't even mind it because we really had the best view, no bugs, and we were all cuddled and cozy on the comfortable chair- but I did feel like I was missing out a little on everyone's company outside.

So all of these pictures from this point on are taken from the window of the sitting area of the house. Not the best, but you get the idea.
All lit up! This is one of my favorite parts of the yard. They look so magical in person.

Now onto the fireworks (aka: the 2 1/2 hours of pyromania that went on here):

Our town's firework display was on Sunday night and we didn't plan on going because we were tired from our party on Saturday and we didn't want to keep Aubrey up past her bedtime 2 nights in a row. This was our first 4th of July in our new home so we had no idea but it turns out that we have the most perfect view of the town's firework display from none other than our sitting area! We'll never have to sit in the traffic or wait around outside on the buggy streets filled with people. The sitting room was a one of the major draws when we choose the design of our house but we had no idea how much use we would actually get out of it until now. 

How was your weekend?
Am I the only one with a family of fire-loving guys that fill up carts of fireworks like this?