Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Aubrey's Cinderella Inspired 3rd Birthday Celebration

Yes, it's true its been forever since my last post. It's also true that I thought about quitting altogether, deleting my blog, and possibly starting all over again. BUT you know what? I decided that I can't bring myself to do that. Why? A part of me really misses blogging and if there were more hours in a day I would've never stopped but most of all, I really miss documenting my memories and referring back to them. So, I'm back... in a sense. I'm not making any promises to post x times per week or month but I can promise that I am not going anywhere. 

That being said, there is so much that has happened that I missed the opportunity to blog about so I plan to keep things current but also back track a little to blog some big events and memories as well. 

On January 28th, Aubrey turned 3. How this happened already is totally unfathomable. She is blossoming into such a sweet, smart, caring little lady who is wise beyond her years. She asked for a Cinderella party this year and we delivered. Our family along with several of her little girlfriends (all dressed as princesses) joined us and helped us celebrate our little princess! 

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The girls had a blast trying to stick the shoe on the pillow for Cinderella. It was a total hit and it was definitely comical to watch.
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 Aubrey and I were pretty excited about the favors. She gifted all of her girlfriends with a Princess/Palace Pets puzzle (say that 5 times, fast), Cinderella temporary tattoos, and a glass slipper pencil sharpener. 

 The girls also decorated their own magic wands too. We bought a bunch of different stickers and gems for them to use to make it their own. They had such a great time using their "magic" for the rest of the party too. 

 This simple decoration was probably one of my favorites. I simply printed it for a google search, cut it, and glued it onto a skewer to stick into a cheese block for the cheese platter. 
We feasted on eggplant parmesan, baked ziti, a delicious cranberry, walnut, and mandarin orange salad, chicken nuggets, fries, a cheese plater, and of course olives. 

Her party was so much fun and it's safe to say that she loved every minute of it. She has such a great group of girlfriends and they all get along so well. It was a very loud house filled with lots of laughs, giggles, and screams- that's what you get with a house filled with almost all girls. Very loud equals very happy, very excited, very full of love in Italian families and that pretty much sums up her special day.