Friday, June 18, 2010

Back from Atlantic City! Part1- Haul

We're back from Altantic City after 4 days and 3 relaxing nights! We started off our trip with a stop at my favorite mall- King of Prussia! Here's what I got from Forever 21:
Set of three pearl earrings
lucite/crystal necklace
pajama shorts with grey tank

striped shirt/dress
(perfect with leggings!)
...and here's the best part- bows on the back!

classic jean shorts

Skinny leg Chevelle Ultra-Mince Jeans
From Baker's Shoes:
Baker's Lori Brown 6 inch wedges!

More to Come-
Part 2 Haul
Part 3 A.C/The Tropicana
Part 4 Outfits


  1. Ohhhh Great haul! Love the black dress with the bows, too cute!! Did you have good weather? We're leaving on Monday to stay for 3 nights, so I'm excited!! haha

  2. the weather was great! we even got a day in at the beach. where are you staying?


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