Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for a Tan!

I've been working like crazy and I haven't had any time to get outside and tan so I've resorted to "fake baking." I know its a lot healthier but a little vitamin d is good for you too! I've been using St. Tropez Step 3 tanning lotion and I love this stuff! At first I was applying it after a shower (by itself with no moisturizer underneath) and I was waking up to a scary, streaky mess that thankfully washed away into a beautful streak-free tan after a shower. If I want instant color though, I apply a moisturizer, let it set in, then apply the tanning lotion and it gives a perfect even application.

My fiance are finally getting away from our busy schedules this week and I'm hoping to get some sun finally. We're going to the Atlantic City/Jersey Shore for the week! We're hitting our favorite mall-King of Prussia on the way down and then checking out the mall on the pier in A.C so I'll have a haul to post when I return!


  1. saw your profile at Dulce site. I like your site.Very pretty things.All the best ...Victoria

  2. You'll have a great time, don't forget to hit up the beach for some sun!! :)


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