Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's What's Cooking: A Peak into My Kitchen

Let me just first start off by saying that we rent- if we owned this home these cabinets would be gone! They remind me of medieval times and I absolutley detest them. Every time I look at them I think how much better they would look if I could just paint them and replace the hardware. *I wish* But until we find a home, we are making due with what we have.

We just bought a new refigerator (our first appliance/real home purchase) which is pretty exciting. This modern refigerator clashes with the old cabinets but one day, when we find *the* house, we will have all stainless steel appliances and I will finally have the kitchen I dream of.

We have a grape vine in our backyard so I used that as my inspiration for our kitchen decor. So for now, here is our "Tuscan" grape/wine/vinyard inspired kitchen:
Our grapevine with arbor that my grandfather made

I know this pan doesn't go with the Tuscan theme

but I love it too much to hide it away in a cabinet.

My DIY homemade wreath.

Key Hook

...and the new fridge!

Everyone needs one of these caddys for the stove- so convenient!


  1. I totally agree, I want the stainless steel look for my kitchen whenever I buy a home. haha. My boyfriend loves that look too. It's so... sleek? lol... I love that pan too!! It's too cute!

  2. That little caddy just looks so convenient. Everything right up there where you need it and no messy container to get all dusty.

  3. Wow, how sweet is your blog!!! :))
    If you get the time - and I hope you will :) - please check out my blog. I think you might like it!

    Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!


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