Saturday, July 31, 2010

Possible Bridal Shoes & My Dress

So here I am in my dress when I first tried it on in the shop. This one is about 5 sizes too big and there are 4 or 5 clips holding it on, but you get the idea. I had a dress special ordered in my size but it still needs a lot of alterations. Before I can begin alterations though, I need shoes- really pretty, girly, fun, shoes with a high heel!

Paris Hilton Regal-ivory
4 1/4 inch heel 1 inch platform

Paris Hilton Senorita-ivory
4 inch heel

I saw these Paris Hilton Senorita pumps when I was shopping today but they only had them in black. I tried them on and they are MUCH better looking in person and surprisingly, very comfortable. All of her sheos have a little heart pad on the ball of your foot that gives extra comfort.

Paris Hilton Senorita -pink

I think these are really cute too, maybe not bridal shoes but definately for going out.

Paris Hilton Destiny-pink
4 inch heel with 1 1/4 inch platform

I need some opinions. I love them all. Which pair would you choose?


  1. I LOVE the senorita ones in ivory. GORGEOUS!

  2. Very very pretty dress!! I love the shoes, especially the pink ones.. adorable.

  3. wow classy shoes for paris hilton! your dress is stunning! Is it a designer? Just got mine yesterday!

  4. i prefer the second pair :) classy, glamourous yet simple!

  5. Congrats Schelle! You won the giveaway! That wedding dress is gorgeous and the shoe options are adorable!

  6. Oh my goodness, your dress is gorgeous! I love the Paris Hilton Senorita. They remind me of some turquoise Valentino bridal shoes I saw on a wedding website!

  7. Looks lovely, would go for the first pair of shoes!

  8. all of the shoes are TOO adorable!

  9. The dress is beautiful! It looks simple but there are some details, very cute! I love it!!

  10. I'm not a wedding blogger, but I've posted some beautiful weddings that I've attended recently on my blog...check it out if you're still in the planning mode!

    Nice blog!

  11. Gorgeous dress AND I love the PH Senorita pumps in ivory! Very pretty.


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