Monday, July 12, 2010

Victoria's Secret Miraculous Push-Up

Victoria's Secret Miraculous Push-Up Bra
So I bought this bra a few weeks ago and I thought I would wait to do a review so I could test it out and wear it with different tops. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed in that area. This bra is awesome! It's comfortable and it looks natural. It's a great push up-bra and it does exactly what it claims-"lifts you up and out, instantly adding up to 2 full cup sizes for maximum cleavage." I really love how versatile it is- it can be worn as a halter or a crossback. It's not an "every day" bra for me but I definately like having the opportunity to fill out my clothes a little better.
On a bit of a (funny) side note, if you choose to get one for yourself, be careful as there are two different versions of this bra. When I purchased mine the sales girl asked what I was looking for so I told her I wanted to try the Miraculous bra. She asked what color and size I needed, handed me the bra, and escorted me to the dressing room. It wasn't until then that I realized my bra had what appeared to be nipples! I didn't remember seeing that in the commercials but I tried it anyway, hoping once my shirt was on they wouldn't be visible. Well, they were very visible to say the least. I was so bummed because it looked great (aside from the porn star-like protrusions). When she asked through the door how I liked it, I told her it was well...interesting but not for me and I proceeded to explain why. To my relief, she informed me that there was a "normal" version. So just a heads up so that doesn't happen to you!

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