Monday, August 9, 2010

Flea Market Finds

It was such a beautiful day Saturday so my mom and I decided to spend the day walking around at the Pocono Bazaar (flea market in Marshalls Creek, PA). We try to get there at least once every summer because it's a huge place and it's a nice walk on a summer day. We were a little disappointed this year though. It was half the size that it normally is and there were a lot of junk vendors. I did manage to find a few things though.

I thought this would be a great wallet because it transitions into a wristlet that I can use if we spontaneously decide to go out for the night.
I have a similar pair that I love but they have seen better days so I got these. I want to invest in a designer pair but I beat my sunglasses up pretty bad so until I learn how to take care of them...I'll settle for the fakes.

This headband reminded me of jelly shoes. Remember them? I practically lived in them as a kid. Anyway, this headband has good hold and it doesn't hurt my head like some other ones that I have that are a similar style.

Basic everyday sterling silver studs. I always wear studs. I just can't set used to dangly earrings on me. I think they make my face look longer. I'll wear them once in a while but I have only found 3 pairs that I actually like on me.

I found this for my fiance- nice basic black leather wallet.
Then we decided to go to The Crossings Outlets...
We wanted to check out Coach and I wanted to get some NYX makeup. My mom got a really cute, very classic Coach wallet. I didn't get any NYX because the store that sells it stopped carrying it- SO disappointing. Then to top it off BCBG Max Azria (one of my favorite stores) is out of buisness and is being replaced by Lacoste! But here's what I got:

I got this Yankee Candle electric home fragrance unit in my favorite scent-Coconut Bay. I was a little hesitant to buy it because I am sensitive to fragrances sometimes. For example, reed diffusers make me break out in a full on allergy attack but this is nice, it's light and it gives off just the right amount of fragrance.

Of course, I had to stop in Juicy! They were having amazing sales- 40% off all terry bags! This bag was marked down to $94! They had it in pink and a light lavendar color. I was hoping for black or grey so I could wear it this fall but, no such luck. I really like the key embellishment but I didn't get it because I didn't want it to sit all winter. Now that I'm looking at it though, I'm wondering if I should go back and get it. What do you think? Should I get it?
I made some very exciting purchases yesterday. I bought the gifts for my girls (in my bridal party)! I wish that I could share them with you but unfortunately I can't because my maid of honor may be reading this. Let's just say it's the best bridal party gift you will ever get.


  1. I love that coach wallet! Great finds!


  3. Get. The. Bag. It's so cute! Oh gutted that you're not sharing the gifts, please do so after the wedding! Looking for some cute but purse friendly gifts myself! When's your big day?


  4. aw the juicy bag is too the keys too~~haha i wouldn't have able to resist the price 0_0
    i think u should get it in light lavender...since it would go with well with winter colours n_n


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