Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the Bag Post

Ciao Bella did a "In the Bag" post yesterday and I thought it was a cute idea. You can check out her post here.
...and here's mine:
Coach Bag
Inside my Lancome makeup bag from left to right:
TOP: Nars Belle De Jour, Nars Turkish Delight, NYX Circe, NYX Pumpkin Pie, Hard Candy Fire Alarm, Chap Stick Moisturizer, Victoria's Secret Lip Liner in Nude, Victoria's Secret Lip Liner in Pouty
BOTTOM: Paris Hilton perfume, NYC Bold Brown eyeliner, Rimmel Jet Black eyeliner, MAC pressed blot powder
Tissues, Ban travel deoderant (in case you forget- always be prepared!), double mirror, Aveda hand cream, hand sanitizer, Visine for contacts, nail file, Oral B Satin floss (my fav. floss!)

D&G wallet, Steve Madden sunglasses, a flashlight?? (don't know where that came from), York chocolate covered mints (delish!), hair tie, allergy pill, pepto bismol, life savers mints, book of matches from Carmines (my fav. restaurant of all time, don't smoke, just reminds me of their chicken marsala), sticky notes & pen, Kay jewelers card with 2 possible ring choices written on back, movie stubs from Grown Ups, bird nest (these will be our place "cards," I need to find pearls for the eggs so I'm carrying it for size reference)

So I think have all bases covered, I'm prepared for just about everything as you can see. Oh, and I love to have a variety of lipsticks to choose from too!
I tag everyone who reads this post!
Come on it's fun and it gives you a chance to clean out your purse in the process!


  1. Thanks for this post! They are alway so fun to read. :)

  2. I love it! Thanks for the mention:) Your purse has all the essentials and more! I'm pretty jealous of your Nars collection!

  3. oh my gosh your bag must be really organised! I'm pretty sure you'd fine touch eclat dried up (lost top), tissue, lots of penny coins and chewing gum wrappers!


  4. Haha, I always love these posts :) So personal! Could people please have a look at my blog?


  5. I LOVE the D&G purse :)
    Its gorgeous!!!
    How much if you dont mind me asking?? xxx

  6. OHHH I looove bag posts! Completely lovely

  7. wow this is a different i never seen a bag post. i wana copy lol love your blog though. =)and your ootd's are cute too

  8. Ah! Nice idea for this post "in the bag post". The pictures u took are lovely, I like the huge pink rose compact(I think).

  9. fun! and you really are prepared for everything! I carry a ton of lipsticks and lip glosses too, more than I will ever need! lol!

  10. A really girly girly bag! It's a good idea to do that. I think i will do it when i am back from holidays.


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