Sunday, August 15, 2010

Outfit of the Night

I went out for dinner and drinks with an old friend last night and here's what I wore:

Top: Strawberry's
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: BCBG
Pearl Bracelet: American Eagle
Pink Bracelets: old, from Avon I think
Necklace: a memorial necklace
(in rememberance of my grandfather) that I wear everyday.
My mom, aunt, cousin, and I all have the same one.
I can't even describe how excited I was to find that Strawberry's came into my mall! I used to go to the one in New York City all the time and I'm beyond thrilled that there is one within ten minutes of my house. It's much smaller than the one in NYC but I can deal...
Have you ever shopped at Strawberry's?


  1. Really nice outfit, love the detail on your top and those heels are cute.

  2. You look sooo adorable! I love that top. I've never shopped at strawberries but would looove to now.

  3. thats a really cute outfit. i dont thing theres a strawberry in nj but i deff been to the 1 in nyc. a lot of cute clothes :) the heels are nice touch too

  4. OMG I bought that same top from Strawberrys. I was walking through the mall when I discovered it, and I was too excited. I remember the one in NYC. Much bigger. But you look cute! I was gunna wear it with a pencil skirt, but I like your outfit better!!

  5. Never heard of Strawberry's. XD But I do live in Australia, where there isn't anything, so I'm not surprised

    The shoes are gorgeous. Love the bead thing going on too. =D

  6. I never shop at Strawberry, I think here (in Singapore) there is no shop call Strawberry. I love the ruffles and the details on your top! you look chic! great outfit:)


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