Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIY Girly Tulle Hanger

My Wedding Dress Hanger
I made this girly hanger using just two things: a black plastic hanger (from Charlotte Russe), and strips of light pink tulle. I cut strips of tulle in different lengths and simply tied them onto the hanger. I used some hot glue on the ends of the hanger to make sure the tulle stayed in place and didn't slip off. I snipped the ends of the tulle to even it out a bit and hot glued the little flower onto the front and.....done!


  1. such a cute hanger. this makes me want to redesign the hangers in my closet lol
    & about disinfecting makeup, my friend told me put alcohol in a spray bottle and disinfect the makeup like that and it wont ruin your makeup. i didnt have a spray bottle so i poured some on a napkin a little at a time and wiped the eyeshadows and mascara wands. for the gel liner i poured a tiny tiny bit in top. hope that helps

  2. So cute!!!



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