Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Projects

The second I saw these lace wrapped candles on Martha Stewart Weddings, I knew I had to have them at our wedding. What is more romantic that lace and candles- together no less.
So I got to work, wrapping all of my votives in lace.
I cut all of the strips in the length I needed and glued them on using A.C Moore Tacky Glue.
The tacky glue dries completely clear and it really worked great.

Next Project: Bubbles!
Like the votives, I cut all of the ribbon to size, got my hot glue gun, and started gluing away.
Then I added the bow because as you all know, I love bows.
Upcoming Project: Favors
Our favors are Lindt Truffles, our favorite! This gigantic box weighing 34534803 pounds (well, maybe not that much but it certainly felt like it) arrived the other day. Now the favors need to be assembled. I'm going to have to enlist in the help of my girls for this project. So there will be a wine and cheese night coming up soon. I've got big plans for these favors.
You'll have to stay tuned to see the end result...

I'm quickly loosing dining room space as all of this wedding stuff is taking over my apartment! Once I straighten it up a bit, I'll take pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. It's out of control!

Do you/did you have a wedding room/corner of chaos?


  1. Well I'm not married =D
    But it looks cute, good luck with everything!

  2. Loving the candles, very cute! Lindt? OMG my favorite! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with them!!


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