Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Peony Love

It's been a while since I did a Wedding Wednesday post but I've been pretty busy lately with working, wedding planning, and life in general. I have been shopping for the wedding like crazy and working on so many wedding-related projects lately. It's crunch time now...just 101 days to go!

The bouquets took a lot longer to assemble than I expected but they were well worth it. I'm not a huge flower person but I do love peonies. Peonies also happen to be pretty expensive ($9-$10 a stem). Considering the price along with my inevitable springtime allergies, I opted for silks. Silk flowers are not that much cheaper, I really didn't save too much but at least I know I won't be having an allergy attach on my wedding day, at least I hope not.
My bouquet- light pink peonies
(It's a lot bigger in person; I guess I should've taken pictures of me holding it so you could see the proportions)
Since I absolutely love all things with pearls, I had to get this pearl bouquet wrap.
(Michaels $5.99)

My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet.

I was being incredibly anal and picky and it took forever to get the shape of each bouquet to my liking. Once I got the shape I wanted, I wrapped the stems in green floral tape to secure them. Then I carefully wrapped the handles in ribbon and finished it off with a little hot glue to hold the ribbon end. You can't even see the hot glue; it made for a seamless look. I'm really proud if myself as this was the first time I ever worked with silks. Would you ever consider using silks in place of the real deal?

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